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St. Ignatius was a soldier too but he'd be shocked if he were to visit us today -- that it isn't canon balls we are fighting against but priests' pedophile balls! Especially those of the John Paul II Pedophile Priests Army balls! As plump as the ego of the Pope himself...

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John Paul II and Octopus Dei videos they don't want you to see

John Paul II and Octopus Dei videos they don't want you to see

Watch these videos and be-aware, beware of the Octopus Dei tentacles!



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John Paul II cohort in crime Cardinal Mahony seek settlement out of court

Cardinal Mahony just celebrated the feastday of St? Josemaria Escriba the founder of Opus Dei at the Basilica of the Angels in Los Angeles. So per advice of the Opus Dei (who control him), he should (not appear in court to testify) settle the 500 sex abuse cases John Paul II and Benedict XVI covered-up for more than a quarter of a century -- since the Los Angeles is worth 4 Billion anyway and the insurance will pay msot of it. 500 million is not even a small dent in the bank account of Los Angeles diocese. The Cardinal and the Opus Dei modus operandi will simply raise funds again, using the imminent beatification and canonization of John Paul II as bait to get into rich Catholics wallets ...(even if the millions of JPII relics ordered to be produced in China cannot heal any priest pedophilia victims)

See "On the Lot: MR. John Paul II and MRS Josemaria de Opus Dei, the new Mystical Marriage in the Catholic Church"
June - http://jp2m.blogspot.com/

See " Benedict XVI and Georg his gay? Private Secretary are GAYS.!."
June - http://pope-ratz.blogspot.com/

Archdiocese seeks a settlement as 500 sex abuse cases head for trial

The payout could go as high as half a billion dollars, the largest in the country. 'The day of reckoning is near,' says a lawyer for plaintiffs.

By Joe Mozingo, Times Staff Writer
July 9, 2007


After more than four years of negotiation, pressure is mounting fast to settle some 500 claims that the Los Angeles Archdiocese failed to protect children from clergy abuse, before the first trial begins this month.

"We know it's soon. We know it's inevitable. The day of reckoning is drawing near," said Jeffrey Anderson, a Minnesota lawyer who represents hundreds of alleged victims of clergy abuse in California and elsewhere.

The potential payout is staggering, at more than half a billon dollars by far the largest of any diocese in the country resulting from the Roman Catholic Church abuse scandal.

Already, the archdiocese, insurers and several Catholic orders have agreed to pay more than $114 million to settle 86 claims.

If the remaining cases go to trial, jury awards could be much larger, particularly when claimants seek punitive damages.

A jury in New York, for instance, ordered the Diocese of Rockville Centre in May to pay $5.9 million to one victim and $5.5 million to another. If an agreement can be reached before trial in Los Angeles, victims are expected to garner an average of slightly more than $1 million each, based on the cases that have been settled so far.

Going to trial would also force top officials, including Cardinal Roger M. Mahony, to testify publicly about what they knew about the abuse and what, if anything, they did to stop it.

Mahony is expected to be called to the stand in the first trial, involving two decades of alleged abuse by the late Father Clinton Hagenbach, who died in 1987, two years after Mahony became archbishop in Los Angeles. Thirteen more trials are scheduled to begin by January.

"It's still my goal to reach an agreement before the first trials begin, but many, many pieces have to come together before that can happen," said J. Michael Hennigan, who represents Mahony and the Los Angeles Archdiocese.

Hennigan declined to give details or comment further about the case because it "might have an impact on the ongoing discussions."

Mahony has waged a protracted court battle to keep church personnel documents from victims, their lawyers, prosecutors and the public. But the courts ruled in a Los Angeles case that grand juries investigating crimes and civil lawyers preparing for trial were entitled to the information.

Attorneys for the accusers say any settlement agreement would include a stipulation that the church release the files publicly. However, individual clergy could contest the disclosures on privacy grounds.

Settlement negotiations have been complex, with more than 60 attorneys seeking differing sums for more than 570 claims of abuse occurring over 70 years by 221 accused perpetrators.

The church has blamed its insurers for failing to pay the major share of the settlements. The insurers, in turn, have questioned whether Mahony willfully withheld information about the abuse from them and say they don't have to pay if the church officials' actions were criminal.

"This could be a Katrina moment for the insurers," said Pamela D. Hayes, an attorney who served on the National Lay Review Board, established by the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops to study the abuse scandal. "They're fighting to the very end."

In Orange County, insurers and the Diocese of Orange ended a similar standoff in 2005 when they agreed to split a $100-million settlement for 90 victims roughly 50-50.

But in San Diego earlier this year, Bishop Robert H. Brom announced that his diocese would file for bankruptcy rather than go to trial, putting the cases there on hold while a judge examines diocesan finances.

A Times analysis published in December 2006 showed that the Los Angeles Archdiocese has vast wealth, owning at least 1,600 properties with an estimated value of $4 billion.

Victims groups blame the Los Angeles church for continuing to stonewall.

"The fact that this trial [Hagenbach] would be the first ever priest-pedophile abuse trial in Los Angeles is very telling," said Mary Grant, Western regional director of Survivors Network of Those Abused by Priests, or SNAP.

"I think if there is a way to delay this trial, we believe Cardinal Mahony will use whatever tactics he can to keep the crimes hidden to keep him from having to testify in open court about what he and church officials knew and what they failed to do to protect kids from predators," Grant said.

Tod Tamberg, Mahony's spokesman, said, "The vast majority of these cases predate Mahony, and many of them have nothing in their files."

In the case of Hagenbach, he noted that Mahony moved from the Stockton Diocese to Los Angeles in 1985, less than two years before the priest died. "There were 2,000 priests back then," Tamberg said. "He didn't know any of these guys. And the first complaint about Hagenbach came in 2002."

Tamberg said that the archdiocese has been working to settle the cases but that their sheer number and the complexity of the litigation in Los Angeles are far greater than in any other diocese in the nation.

He noted that it is not yet clear even what the exact number of claims against the church is.

"Complex negotiations do take time, yes, especially when you're a Catholic church with limited resources," he said.

Mahony wants to minimize any loss of services to parishioners, Tamberg added. "Our parishes and schools are not there to produce revenue for us. They're there to educate children and provide spiritual welfare for the Catholic people."

Many observers expect a settlement before or during the Hagenbach trial, either a so-called global settlement for all the cases or the first of a string of settlements. Los Angeles County Superior Court Judge Haley Fromholz last week pushed the trial back a week, saying there were not enough potential jurors after the Fourth of July holiday. But the delay prompted some observers to speculate that the parties were on the verge of a settlement and needed a few more days.

Jury selection is set to begin July 17.

Anderson, the plaintiffs' lawyer, said he doubted Mahony would want to wait for opening arguments.

"That's an opportunity for us to lay out a long, sordid scenario," said Anderson. "Their exposure is extraordinary."

Copyright © Los Angeles Times 2007

Text from:
Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests


LA church sale to fund sex claims

Cardinal Mahony pledged not to close any parishes
The Roman Catholic archbishop of Los Angeles has said his archdiocese will sell its main office to raise money to settle lawsuits for sexual abuse.
Cardinal Roger Mahony also said some 50 other buildings could be sold to settle hundreds of lawsuits brought by people who had been abused by priests.

In December, the archdiocese - America's largest - paid some $40m (£20m) to settle 46 cases.

But it still faces more than 500 claims that have been in litigation for years.

'Quick settlement'

"Though it has always been the position of the archdiocese that the insurance companies must honour their responsibility to fund a major share of future settlements, the archdiocese must be prepared to fund its share," Cardinal Mahony said in a statement on Tuesday.

He said the archdiocese's main administrative office - a 12-storey building in Los Angeles - would be sold to fund the settlements.

Cardinal Mahony also said that a working group had already identified some 50 other non-essential church properties for sale.

To read the rest of the article go to: http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/americas/6660429.stm

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John Paul II cohort in crime Cardinal George


SNAP Press Statement

For Immediate Release:
July 5, 2007

Outrage at comments by Chicago Archdiocesan staffer

Statement by David Clohessy, SNAP Executive Director 314-566-9790

Chicagoans should be outraged by the offensive comments today by Archdiocesan public relations staffer Colleen Dolan. Dolan should be ashamed of herself and should immediately and publicly apologize to Fr. McCormack’s victims and all clergy child molestation victims.

Her self-serving remarks are indicative of a pervasive archdiocesan insensitivity toward victims of childhood violence. Dolan’s remarks are reminiscent of George’s similarly insensitive comments in 2002 when he minimized the harm to teenaged female abuse victims, relative to younger male abuse victims.

Absolutely nothing positive comes from publicly minimizing the devastation cased by horrific, serial child sex crimes, especially when the victims are still young and when the hurtful, misguided remarks come from a church official. In fact, Dolan’s comments perpetuate old, painful myths about child sex abuse. Coming from a child predator’s defense lawyer, they would be bad enough. Coming from a Cardinal’s mouthpiece, however, they are absolutely inexcusable.

If church officials are so cold-hearted and hurtful in public, imagine what harmful things they say and do behind closed doors.

The violation of children’s boundaries and bodies are at the heart of child sexual abuse. The specifics of the actual physical violation are less relevant. An adult penetrating a child is terrible and damaging, whether with an object or a body part. And adult fondling a girl is severe and harmful, whether under her clothing or over her clothing. An adult kissing a boy on the lips is wrong and hurtful, whether it’s ‘normal’ kissing or French kissing.

When there’s a chance to educate, church officials often obfuscate. When there’s a chance for healing, church officials often cause more wounds.

Since Cardinal George only disciplines child predators when forced to do so, and virtually never disciplines any other wrongdoers (however egregious or inexcusable or hurtful their actions are), we doubt that he will discipline Dolan. But she should have the decency to apologize immediately and strongly for remarks that can only cause more harm where so much harm has already been done.

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John Paul II Pedophile Priest McCormack of Chicago pleads guilty to 5 counts

McCormack is one of the most recent foot soldier of John Paul II's Pedophile Priest Army as he committed his crime betwen 2001-2006. John Paul II was busy canonizing in 2002his mystical bride Josemaria Escriba of the Opus Dei -- See http://jp2m.blogspot.com/. John Paul II wasted his time on the dead saints that he had no time to examine his pedophile priests. Their victims who were and are still alive continue to suffer a living hell. Meanwhile those clone children of saints he canonized like Josemaria Escriba de Opus Dei secret members are partying in their founder's sainthood.

What use are these saints' relics in America where there are more than 10,000 victims of pedophile priests in our nation's soil alone? And there are thousands more in Latin America and Europe.

Can a relic or a mountain of relics of John Paul II heal any of these victims? NO. John Paul II did NOTHING for these victims and therefore he should not and must not be venerated in public in America and in all countries where his JPIIPPA John Paul II Pedophile Priests Army satiated their lust on helpless children.

If there are such people as John Paul II Generation of priests and youth, there is also the secret JPIIPPA John Paul II Pedophile Priests Army.

Benedict XVI don't care about these poor victims of priest pedophilia either. He is too busy being mesmerized by his mystical bride, his handsome private secretary, as they party everyday in their honeymoon at the Vatican surrounded by Opus Dei numerary eunuchs.

See http://pope-ratz.blogspot.com/ for their lovey-dovey photos.

Below is an open letter to the judge who handed a mild sentence to JPIIPPA McCormack. This and other judges handling priest abuse cases such as the current ones in Los Angeles and San Diego are being controlled by the Opus Dei who have foot soldier lawyers influencing the judges through their wives and children and contacts. Believe or not. Octopus Dei is the worst enemy of the survivors of priests sexual abuse.

See June of the John Paul II Millstone -- http://jp2m.blogspot.com/ - the whole month weblog is on Opus Dei alone because it is the month that the Pope, all Cardinals and Bishops in major cities around the world celebrate the mystical marriage between John Paul II and Josemaria Escriba of the Opus Dei.

McCormack's victims got lifelong sentences

July 5, 2007

You the impartial judge and jury are asked to consider the following facts:

The defendant, who had served as a priest on the West Side, pleaded guilty to five counts of aggravated criminal sexual abuse for molesting five boys between 2001 and 2006. Their ages ranged from 8 to 12. He pulled down their pants and fondled their genitals, abusing one of his victims "on nearly a daily basis" between September 2005 and January 2006, according to an assistant state's attorney.

When given the chance to speak before sentencing by a Cook County judge, the defendant stood silently, neither apologizing for his offenses nor showing contrition. He received a sentence of five years, of which he may serve only half. While making no apologies for McCormack, a spokeswoman for the Archdiocese of Chicago, supported the sentence on the basis that he was not accused of rape. "It wasn't assault, which is a more egregious crime," she said.

Was justice served? Is 2½ years in prison just punishment for the Rev. Daniel McCormack, who committed these crimes while serving at St. Agatha Parish and Our Lady of the Westside School? Will that sentence send out the proper message to potential offenders, at a time when the Catholic Church is attempting to set things straight following this latest case in a long history of sexual abuse scandals?

The archdiocese may find relief in the fact that there was no penetration. It may say the perception of the 38-year-old McCormack's crimes is worse than the reality. And the law seems to tilt in its favor: Without penetration, the priest could not be charged with assault or rape and he could not be sentenced to more than seven years.

But, as one expert noted, the distinction is lost for the victims. Years and even decades after being abused by their priest, a powerful authority figure in their lives, victims continue to feel an overwhelming mix of torment and shame and regret. They suffer from having had their innocence stolen from them and their lives permanently altered. "Their sentence is life," said an attorney for the families of two victims.

In accepting a plea deal of five years, the state saved the boys from the ordeal of having to testify, certainly a good reason for agreeing to a plea bargain. The maximum term, with time off for good behavior factored in, would have added only eight months to McCormack's sentence. By the time he gets out, if Cardinal Francis George is successful in appealing to the Vatican, McCormack will have been permanently removed as a priest. It's safe to say the boys he molested -- who are believed to number many more than these five -- will need far more time to remove themselves emotionally and psychologically from his despicable treatment of them. That's not a matter of perception. That's a matter of truth.

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Internet Video Game on John Paul II Pedophile Priests


This video from the USA is called Boston Clergy Abuse Scandal - Geoghan Documents Released.

In January 2002, the Boston Globe published troves of once secret documents surrounding the case of notorious Boston pedophile priest John Geoghan. News reporters and the public react with dismay amidst further calls for resignation of Cardinal Bernard Law. News report by David Boeri of WCVB TV Channel 5 in Boston.

The Italian Internet game makers Molleindustria have a new game, on the scandal of paedophile priests in the Roman Catholic church, and attempts by the church hierarchy to keep the lid on this.

In the game, the mission of you as a player is to help the church leadership to hush up the scandal.

You can play the game, in English, here.


kNOw Future Inc.


Many close friends of mine in Italy take part in a collective technology project called autistici.org. Late last year they unveiled a new service to their users, a blogging platform called noblogs.org, which currently hosts several hundred users and is rapidly innovating. In recent days the site has been shut down in an attempt to suppress a computer game written in flash named Pretofila, an anti-clerical piece of agit-prop focussed on the abuse of children by members of the clergy. Ironically, I last met with members of autistici just a few weeks ago as they continued to establish servers housed in other jurisdictions, a precaution now demonstrated to be very, very well-founded. The author of the game, molleindustria, has written many other political games, many of them focussed on labour casualization.

The furore exploded after an Italian MP, Luca Volonte, submitted an emergency parliamentary question on June 26th regarding both the ‘Operation Pedopriest’ game, and a performance, ‘Messiah Game’ (part of the Venice Biennial Art show). The former was accused of being pedophile pornography and he demanded it be shut down:

“The government should act urgently to close the site which allows the download of Operation pedoporiest, a flash game containing simulations of the rape of children by priests, unimpeded by parents who are intimidated and gripped by a mafia-like silence.”

The government took the bait and the security services were wheeled into action.

Molleindustria had already made clear the political intention behind the piece and explained where the inspiration emanated from:

“Inspired by the controversial BB documentary “Sex crimes and Vatican”, Operation Pedopriest is a strategy game which introduces you to the fascinating emergency management procedures constantly put into practice by the church. It is not recommended to minors and lay-people.”

Obviously this clumsy and ill-advised act of censorship will end up having the very opposite effect to that intended: molleindustria will receive huge amounts of publicity and the game will receive an international audience. Volonte is the parliamentary leader of the Christian Democrats which governed Italy for nearly fifty years until its collapse as part of the anti-corruption investigation known as Tangentopoli. His reasoning as to why the game should be supressed is illuminating:

“Law 38/2006 (dealing with exploitation of minors and paedophile pornography, trans. note) should be applied: even where virtual… the reproduction and showing of scnes that represent such abominable events are forbidden. Let no-one seek an alibi in the excuse of freedom of expression for socalled artists thereby offending human and religous sensitivieties. It is necessary that the government take such steps as to avoid that similar cases occur in the future, offensive to religious feeling, confessional religion in general and the catholic faith in particular.”

Right, so no concern as to the ‘abominable facts’ that the game in fact highlights or for the victims of institutionalised sexual abuse? Glad to see that’s sorted out then. Given the removal of the veil of secrecy over clerical abuses in Ireland and the US over the last fifteen years, and the complicity of the hierarchy in protecting the perpetrators, a lot of clicks will be arriving from those IP ranges. Crimen Sollicitationis anyone?

The game is already available from numerous mirror sites but also on rapidshare.

A review of the game is available here.

The following statement was released by autistici:

Last Night God called America

Molleindustria.it is a site publishing satirical flash games with provocative political content. Its last game, called “Pretofilia” (i.e. Priestophilia), is a denunciation of the widespread use of pedophilia as an excuse for censorship, and of the widespread abuse on children in the catholic church.

After its publishing, the site has been immediately subjected to the attention of the Italian Parliament and the Interior Ministry answered prompting the police to act against the site. Molleindustria decided then to remove the game, but the file had already been spread far and wide on the Internet.

Soon after the news of the censorship threat was made known on the website, the game was mirrored even more, eventually also on some blogs on our noblogs.org platform.

After all that had been said and done on this harmless satire, we would not dare to say we did not expect some threats to our servers, but we would not have imagined that a small swf file could wake up someone so up above us to block all of noblogs.org (including all the blogs used by hundreds of people for their daily communication).

And when we say so up above us, we mean it!

Last night God itself called the provider hosting noblogs.org and demanded the whole server to be shut down. In the heavens above there are no fax machines, so the Almighty has deemed its voice by phone to be authoritative enough.

Unfortunately God never minds the Unbelievers.

Apart from being nerds, we are also strongly skeptical by default and we tend not to believe what anyone tells us unless we can touch it and feel it with our own hands. So we do not trust God’s voice by phone to be authoritative enough and are asking for a concrete and official injunction to shut down the site. While we wait for the Almighty to have some of its representatives on Earth send a very material letter or order, we mean to reopen noblogs.org as soon as possible with all its content (and nothing less).

In the meantime, we would like to stress that in our opinion Pretofilia has nothing to do with pedopornography and that we deem it a very good satire against children abuses. It could at worst wake up some criticism on how much priest’s abuses are hidden and silenced, but lately satire on the matter has been far from random.

That is why we ask anyone caring for the freedom of speech and satire to mirror the game, knowing that it could imply a fair degree of legal issues and attacks by the Italian government, the Vatican, and their lot. We ask anyone to publish a link to these mirrors in the comments to our blog.

If the wrath of God Almighty comes down on us, do not fear: file will prevail on p2p networks!
mininova - slotorrent - ed2k link

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