Wednesday, August 31, 2011

TWINS - a pair of single beds

I found this set of bunk beds at a yard sale this past weekend.

While we were talking price with the owner,
daddy called my cell to let me know the cost of my motorbike repair.

I have a trials bike but only get to take it out about once a year.

This year's trip is coming up fast, but I'm unsure if I can get away or not.
Needless to say the bike has to be ready regardless, which means a new part.

So while getting the price from daddy, the price for these beds was still up in the air.
I pulled some cash out of my wallet (what I was willing to pay) and handed it to George
to finish the negotiations.

Well before I was off the phone the beds were being loaded into the van.

Now the posts connecters were either missing or broken and only one post finial remained
so they couldn't easily be used as bunkbeds anymore.

I wish I had a room to stage these in, I could have done them up wonderfully. 

There were a few cross bars but the supports on the rails were installed,
well we'll just say *badly*

It took a few hours to fix the supports and cut more cross bars, as well as a few other fixes.

Once they were fixed it was just a matter of deglossing, priming, and finally painting.

This pretty pair is currently listed on the AVAILABLE page.

The Orb

Look at that gorgeous fretwork!

I love it when my customers promise me photos of my lights installed in their homes and then they send them! As well as delight seeing these photos, I must confess I also felt great relief! That Orb is a monster to ship! ....and Cathy, my customer, was overseas at the time of delivery so I was sweet talking the delivery guy into placing it out of sight and out of the weather. Phew! It's safe, it's up and it's damn gorgeous.... even if I say so myself. 

And look, Cathy has my Rattan Bar Stools as well! Actually Cathy is what I call a very loyal customer. She has some of my beautiful Etienne French Glass Lights on order and that kitchen of hers will soon have my Hampton's Lights hanging in it!

Email me if you need an Orb! Chain is extendable. Cathy shortened hers a little but the light can hang lower if desired. More details HERE.

Thank you for sending me your photos Cathy!

Loom Knitted Hat and Cape/Skirt

The cape is cuter as a skirt. I made these with a knitting loom.

She really likes to wear this outfit. I will perhaps start selling the looms.

A Mischief Of Mice

Eszter Schall...

The Tale of Despereaux, illustrated by Timothy Basil Ering...


From 'Three Mice and a Cat' by Jean Horton Berg, Illustrated by Art Seiden...thanksfroggyboggler...

Kate Greenaway...thanks CharmaineZoe...

Mary Louise Spoor, 1917...thanks SeeSaw...

Mary Louise Spoor, 1917, chromolithograph, children's illustration, hickory dickory dock, mice, doll

Gabrielle Vincent, 'Ernest & Celestine'...

Kazuo Iwamura...

Le Jardin de Miss Clara...avec une petite video delicieux ici, merci CultureBox!

Jan Brett...

Milo Winter, 1919...


Ayano Imai...with a lovely spread of 'The Town Mouse & The Country Mouse'here...thanks KidPix...

Elsa Mora...

Jill Barklem...

Debbie Tilley...

Garth Williams...

Ellen Stoll Walsh...

Leo Lionni...

...and what would a post about mice be without Beatrix Potter...

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

A QUEEN WITH BUN FEET - white antiqued bedframe

I started this bed last week along with a few other pieces so I have been rotating
between them all.

This queen bed in an antiqued finish is finally completed.

Before I was able to get to the fun part of this make over
I had to get down and dirty with the before.

and do some interesting repairs that I'm sharing with you.

The bottom of each post had some damage in the form of missing wood.
It was simply a bad design to start with.
Over the years each time the posts hit the ground hard enough bits would break off.

So a new design was needed, in the form of new feet.
Here enters the bun feet, some wood filler, and finishing nails.

You need the nails to act as a stabalizer for the filler.
Like rebar is to concrete.

I nailed them part way in where the wood is missing.

Start filling in the voids with your wood filler.

Then start to shape it with your finger. It does take a day or so to completely harden.

Once it starts to harden

I screwed the bun feet in and adhered them with glue.

Here you can see it sanded fairly smooth.

Some areas needed a bit more filler so I filled again, let it dry, and sanded once more.

This bed is really pretty with the dark original stain coming thru.

It is finished in Min Wax wipe on Poly.

It has adjustable rails.

and I installed supports for your cross bars.

Here is a sneak peak at what's in store tomorrow:

These Twins can be found here

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