Monday, January 8, 2007

Videos of news and vigils against John Paul II Pedophile Priests Army

TV News Coverage from Jan. 2002:

Reuters International: Boston Cathedral a Firestorm Amid the Largest Sex Scandal in Church History

NBC TV News: Sex Abuse Scandal Hits Boston Archdiocese

WCVB Boston: Notorious Boston Priest Goes to Trial Amidst Growing Scandal

WCVB Boston: Boston Globe Publishes Documents Revealing Decades-Long Cover-up of Crimes Against Children

WBZ Boston: Letters Prove Boston Cardinals Long Supported Serial Child Molester

Today's News Coverage:

Watch News Video:

"San Francisco Advocates Hold Vigil"

"Protesters Bring Message to Santa Barbara"

"New Jersey Victims Call on Church to Name Names"

"Michigan Vigil Testifies to Clergy Sex Abuse Scandal"

"Albany Survivors of Clergy Sex Abuse Hold Vigil"

"Indianapolis Group Marks Abuse Anniversary"

"Boston Advocates Propose Sex Abuse Reforms"

"Victims of Abuse, Murder Remembered in Wisconsin"

"Knoxville Group Holds Vigil"

We Held 54 Vigils in Two Days

Media Advisory: Sex Abuse Victims to Hold Vigils Nationwide to Mark Anniversary of Scandal

List of Vigils, Times & Locations

Vigils Press Statement - Vigils Leaflet

Photo Patterson Family Photo O'Connell Family

"Victim in Oregon Fights Abuse by Church"

Marking 5-year Anniversary:

National Public Radio to Broadcast 3-part Series Thurs. Jan. 11 & Fri. Jan. 12

PART I: Airs Thursday morning at 6:20 a.m. and is repeated at 8:20 a.m. during "Morning Edition"

PART II: Airs Thursday afternoon during "All Things Considered"

PART III: Airs Friday afternoon during "All Things Considered"

New Addition:

NPR's "Talk of the Nation," airing Thursday at 3:00 p.m. Eastern time, will feature live interviews with SNAP's New England Founder Phil Saviano and The Boston Globe's investigative reporters.

Programs will later be available on NPR Web Site. For your local NPR stations and broadcast times, go to


Three Recent Cases Show Church Officials
Have Not Reformed

1) In Fresno, CA, a civil trial was held in November 2006. Fr. Swearingen was accused of molested Juan Rocha as a boy. The jury found Swearingen guilty. (They deadlocked on whether church officials knew about the abuse.) But the Fresno bishop is keeping Swearingen in active parish ministry even now.

2) In Los Angeles, church and school officials were questioned by police about current child sex abuse allegations against John Malburg. Malburg was a Catholic hi school principal from a politically prominent family. The archdiocese didn't suspend him. They told no one about the investigation. Six months later, Malburg was arrested and criminally charged. Parents asked church officials "Why didn't you tell us? Why didn't you suspend him?" Cardinal Mahony's guy told the LA Times "Law enforcement told us to keep quiet." The next day, in the LA Times, prosecutors said they never made any such request.

3) In Yakima, the local newspaper reported that Fr. Darell Mitchell, who'd been caught with naked photos of young boys on his computer, was quietly working in a St. Louis parish with a parochial school. It turned out to be true. And it was the second time in a year that a sexually troubled priest from another state was transferred to this one inner city St. Louis parish. In neither case was anyone warned.

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