Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Sewing at home, at Starbucks and at school

These days I’m slowly updating my blog, but mostly I’m sewing, everywhere. Currently, I’m sewing cats and dogs for my Etsy shop and I’m almost ready to put most of them some on sale. But I just wanted share some (low quality taken with my iPhone) pictures of what has been keeping me busy and happy!
I’ve also been very busy preparing for a couple of sewing classes I’ll be teaching next week. Next week is Silver Week, so we’ll have a four-day-weekend (yay!) and just a three-day-workweek. Regular classes have all been cancelled for that short week and replaced with numerous special lessons. Don’t worry I won’t get bored, I’ll still be busy teaching several different kinds of special lessons, of which the most exciting are the sewing classes! A couple of weeks ago a I sewed a few examples:
Since then students have been able to choose their favorite stuffed creature and their favorite color combinations and sign up for my classes. The fish is the most popular by far, and the least popular is the ghost, which happens to be my own favorite.
So far this week at school, I’ve been busy cutting felt and organizing embroidery floss and buttons so that next week the students can get right to the sewing, because one class only lasts about 50 minutes. I have to remember to take my digital camera with me, because my iPhone just doesn’t take very high quality pictures.

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