Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Getting Festive

Image Courtesy Country Living

It's getting to that time of year! .... and I have a confession to make.... our tree is already up. We get to enjoy it for that little bit longer..... our shrine to my boy's Christmas artwork for the past 11 years. It groans under the weight of lovingly handmade decorations and festively framed photographs. Each year some decorations break or perish but there is always this years creations to add to it. We also have the best twinkling lights, purchased from a toss out bin at the supermarket, years ago. Heaven forbid they ever break... I don't think I would be able to find better. The lights go on each morning before I head out for my morning walk so when the boys wake they come downstairs to their beautiful tree. It's the first thing they see. I hope it becomes a treasured childhood memory for them. They 'exclaim' every morning when they see it.
Happy Wednesday!
A-M xx

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