Sunday, January 17, 2010

ABC craft store

Look what I spent about 7000 yen on today:
A coworker told me about this huge craft store in Tennoji and she really thought I should check it out. And I agreed with her! Who wouldn’t want to spend a couple of hours wandering around the hundreds of aisles of eye candy in a 5-story craft store?!
This store is amazing they have almost everything you can think of and more. The only thing missing was a collection of embroidery floss in all colors, which is so weird that I think I somehow missed that section... The best thing was their button collection. I’ve been to quite a few sewing and craft stores in Osaka now, including another really big one in Umeda, but I’ve never found a good place to shop for buttons. This store in Tennoji has all the buttons I can dream of! I wish buttons weren’t so expensive though, otherwise I would have gone button nuts and bought them all! I’ve forbidden myself to buy any more felt, because I’m also felt nuts... Which was really tough because they sold lots of yummy felt in the ABC craft store!

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