Wednesday, March 3, 2010

New Stuff

Well my fellow 'Armchair Traders'.... she (Armchair Trader lady on pink chaise lounge)  is no more. The more clean, streamlined (less pink and frilly) 'Cape Cod Designs' has taken up residence here. I am sorry to do this to you... to spring it on you.... like this... to not just redirect you to a new blog site...... but I still need this URL.... as my old site's traffic is still being redirected here (you all know how precious site traffic and good will is). Oh.. how things take time behind the scenes though... bear with me.

I know, I am gonna sorta miss her too but I will make it up to you... with lots of gorgeous Cape Cod/New England/Provincial style things for your 'relaxed, yet oh so classical home'.  I will be back with more soon. Off to crack the whip... let's get this party started!
A-M xx

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