Saturday, May 15, 2010

Clearance sale

As announced yesterday, the eleventh monkey is moving from Osaka to San Francisco this summer! So production in the eleventh monkey factory has currently stopped, to be resumed on the other side of the world a.s.a.p. And to reduce the amount of stuff in the two suitcases traveling with me across the world, I’m selling everything in my shop at bottom prices. 
Love skulls in brown, green and red and love skulls in white, purple and orange: $11 $5.50
Betty the Cow and Ulla the Cow: $28 $11
Naomi the Giraffe and Noel the Giraffe: $28 $11
Peggy the Monkey and Mel the Monkey: $11 $5.50
Albert the Albino Bird and George the Bird: $11 $5.50
Cecil the Cat, Grace the Cat and Erik the Cat: $25 $11
Patty the Ape, Bob the Ape, Hank the Ape and Gretchen the Ape: $25 $11
 Brad the Dog, Paddie the Dog, Roz the Dog and Frida the Dog: $25 $11
Hannah the Horse: $28 $11 Pia the Penguin: $8 $5.50 Peanut the Panda: $22 $11 Tommy the Butterfly: $22 $11
I also lowered the shipping for all items to $2.50 ($1.00 with another item) to anywhere in the world. And considering one creature  takes me 6 hours on average to sew, by hand, I feel like I'm giving my creatures away at these prices. But I just hope all my slightly awkward creatures will find a friendly new home before I’m moving to my new home!

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