Tuesday, August 3, 2010

What is a Gobo?

What is a Gobo and how can it make my event spectacular?

At DJS Events, we LOVE gobos. Many people don’t know what gobos are, or how they can amp up an event. Let us fill you in.

Gobos (or Go Betweens) were originally created for stage and films sets to control lighting and the shape of lighting. They serve the same purpose for events. A piece of material made of plastic or glass with patterned holes is placed in front of a light. This material only lets the desired shape through while blocking the rest of the light, which casts specific areas of shadow and light, creating the image that you want onto a ceiling or wall. The image can be of anything, be it a company logo, a person's name, or an image. Gobos can be simple with clean lines like a men's/women's restroom icon or layered and elaborate like a gothic stained glass window. Some high tech gobos can be animated!

Sound super technical? It’s not! Gobos make an awesome addition to your event. Here are some examples of Gobos that DJS Events have executed for our clients.

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