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John Paul II's Jesuit pedophile John Powell were frenzy writers

The higher they are, the harder they fall. John Paul II the Great is the highest pope created by the Opus Dei and all his writings must be cited by every Catholic churches and schools throughout the world or else they face excommunication by the Vatican also run by the Opus Dei.

At the same time that John Paul II was so busy writing tons of books and encyclicals and homilies, he was ignoring his John Paul II Pedophile Priests Army as they feasted in sodomy and lusted on thousands of American altar boys and girls, not only in America but also around the world. The Opus Dei wanted an impeccable John Paul II papacy because he is the Mystical Husband of their Opus Dei founder St. Josemaria Escriva see the John Paul II MIllstone for details

And so Opus Dei disregarded the victims of the John Paul II Pedophile Priests Army as they created endless papal brands of John Paul II Youth, John Paul II Priests Generation, the Culture of Life, the Culture of Love, etc. What the Opus Dei was hiding in secrecy was the CULTURE of PRIEST-PEDOPHILIA in the 20th century unique to the 26 years papacy of John Paul II!

At the same time that John Paul II was writing his papal library, the Jesuits also had their own famous author that matched John Paul II’s writing frenzy, John Powell, who now stands accused of pedophilia. Benedict XVI Ratzinger God's Rottweiler shows all the details of the pope's power in covering up the most heinous crime against children in Church history. John Paul II Millstone shows details the role of John Paul II in his 26 years papacy as he did NOTHING to stop the priest-pedophilia under his papal watch. John Paul II's papacy was controlled by the Opus Dei and therefore they also controlled the thriving of the John Paul II Pedophile Priests Army!


Priest accused of sexual abuse

The Phoenix
The Official Student Newspaper of Loyola University, Chicago

As a Jesuit and a professor at Loyola University Chicago, the Rev. John Powell, S.J., built a reputation as a popular teacher and a best-selling religious author - and all of it was called into question again last month as he faced his third sexual abuse lawsuit since 2003.

The civil lawsuit, filed Nov. 6 by the plaintiff "Jane Doe 125," who has chosen to remain anonymous to the public, claimed that Powell held "private counseling sessions" with her during a religious retreat in 1967. During these sessions, said the official complaint, he forced her to kiss him and required her to remove her school uniform so that he could fondle her.

The lawsuit also named the Chicago Province of the Society of Jesus, or the Jesuits, as a defendant on counts of negligence and fraud, and stated that the Jesuits knew about Powell's pedophilic tendencies before the alleged incident and failed to act on that knowledge.

Powell, 83, now retired in Michigan, worked as a professor of theology at Loyola from 1965 until his retirement in 1996. During that time, he held spiritual retreats and wrote popular books such as Fully Human, Fully Alive, inspirational self-help manuals that blended pop psychology with Catholic theology and established him as "one of the best-selling spiritual authors of our time," according to Publishers Weekly.

"This guy sells books about sexually intimate relationships, and the Jesuits make millions off of them, and it's a fraud, a complete fraud," said attorney Marc Pearlman, who represents the anonymous plaintiff for the law firm Kerns, Frost and Pearlman. "The guy was sexually abusing his students and people who came to him for counseling."

He also, according to a number of accusers, used his position as a counselor and professor to abuse young girls. Throughout the years he was assigned to Loyola University, the lawsuit said, Powell held spiritual retreats that brought him into contact with minor children. It was during one of these retreats, held at Rosarian Academy in West Palm Beach, Fla., that he sexually abused the plaintiff, according to the lawsuit. She was "approximately 16 or 17," the suit said.

The lawsuit also claimed that Powell "engaged in a pattern and practice of sexually abusing Loyola University students." In 2006, a former Loyola University student, Diane Ruhl, named the Chicago order of Jesuits as the defendant in a civil lawsuit along with three other women. The lawsuit, which is still pending, claimed that Powell sexually abused Ruhl during private counseling sessions while she attended Loyola and also said that both Jesuit leaders and Loyola administrators received reports of Powell's alleged abuses and ignored them.

Powell has never been charged with a crime.

Pearlman, the attorney, represented four women in a 2003 sexual abuse lawsuit against Powell, which the defendant settled publicly in 2005. He said that he has dealt with a number of women who have come forward and claimed that Powell abused them, enough to convince him that there may have been dozens more.

"I really doubt the number is just six or seven or 13," he said. "We had a client, her sister went to Loyola and he was abusing her 13-year-old sister. He used to frequent the house, and he'd tell her parents he was going to tuck her in and bless her and read her confession, and then he'd abuse her. A 13 year-old."

Powell could not be reached for comment. A statement from the Chicago Province of the Society of Jesus said he was in "extremely poor health, requiring 24-hour medical care and supervision."

Pearlman also said that in his experience, the Jesuits displayed a record of covering up sex abuse within their ranks.

"The Jesuits have a history of being horrible on these types of issues," he said. "They've had sex abusers in their ranks, they've known about them, they've covered it up, they've transferred them and ignored it, and Powell's not the only example. I really think the way they approached this sex issue was to sweep it under the rug."

Pearlman pointed to the case of the Rev. Donald McGuire, S.J., as an example. A public jury convicted McGuire in a 2006 criminal trial of sexually abusing two teenage boys in Chicago in the 1960s. Documents show that Chicago Jesuit leaders received alerts about McGuire's behavior dozens of times during his career, according to multiple news sources.

A spokesperson for the Jesuits' Chicago Province said he was not able to comment by phone. In an e-mailed response statement, the Rev. Edward Schmidt, S.J., Chicago Provincial of the Society of Jesus, said that the Chicago Province does not comment on ongoing legal proceedings out of respect for the judicial system.

"The Province takes allegations of sexual misconduct seriously," said the statement, "investigates them fully, and cooperates with authorities. We believe the individuals who have come forward deserve our understanding and prayers."

The statement also encouraged anyone who has been abused by a member of the Province to contact the appropriate law enforcement or child protection agency no matter what amount of time has passed since the abuse.

Barbara Blaine, founder and president of the Survivors Network of Those Abused by Priests (SNAP), agreed with Pearlman's estimate, calling the Jesuits "the worst in this country" in terms of religious organizations with a track record of concealing abuse. SNAP is a Chicago-based national advocacy and support group for survivors of sexual clerical abuse.

Blaine said that the 30 year span between the alleged incident and the lawsuit typified cases of clerical abuse based on her experience, especially so with cases involving Jesuit priests. She also said she was disappointed by Loyola University's lack of response to the claims of abuse by Powell.

"When you're raped by a teacher in your school," she said, "you're not really in a position to speak up or do anything about it. It takes years, sometimes decades of healing to withstand the scrutiny, especially because the Jesuits and Loyola do not make it easy for victims to speak up."

Steve Christensen, communications manager at Loyola University Chicago, declined to respond. He said that the university refers all questions about Powell and the alleged abuse to the Jesuits' Chicago Province and said that university officials would not comment on the lawsuit.

In an e-mail response, Ellen Kane Munro, vice president and general counsel at Loyola, said that the university "will not tolerate sexual abuse, or indeed sexual harassment of any kind, by anyone, including its faculty and the Jesuits."

Pearlman said the case might reach a settlement, but he promised to make the results public.

"If the Jesuits want to step up and settle the case," he said, "that's always better for the victims, but it will be public, whether it goes through the courts or not."

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Steve Smith
posted 12/05/08 @ 6:59 AM CST
The religious orders seem to be a cult whereby those that sexually abuse are "taken care of" by the brotherhood. Save the brotherhood - but rape the children. It is time for society to recognize the sicknesses called religious orders. Post a reply to this comment Steve Smith
posted 12/05/08 @ 7:03 AM CST
The religious orders seem to be a cult whereby those that sexually abuse are "taken care of" by the brotherhood. Save the brotherhood - but rape the children. It is time for society to recognize the sicknesses called religious orders. Post a reply to this comment

posted 12/05/08 @ 8:25 AM CST
Of course this is an absolutely horrific story but is there no possibility of invoking federal Trafficking statutes against Powell?

What about conspiracy charges if it can be proven that Jesuit leadership had any knowledge of his sexually abusive behavior?

Here is an individual without integrity, character or conscience.

Marc Pearlman has said it well. Sad to say, John Powell's life was a complete fraud and disgraces all of us in ministry.

SMP TURLISH Post a reply to this comment

posted 12/05/08 @ 11:17 AM CST
That the Catholics turn a blind eye to these endless assaults speaks volumes about what religion does to the minds of those kneeling in the pews.

I have no middle man in my relationship with God.

X brainwashed Catholic Post a reply to this comment

Albino Luciani - MURDERED POPE
posted 12/05/08 @ 5:24 PM CST for daily verified & vetted coverage on the USCCB (Unremoved Sexual Criminal Cabal Bishops) & the Roman La Cosa Nostra Curia, who continue a scorched-earth, to the last laity dollar, of already multiple BILLIONS OF DIVERTED OFFETORY PLATE LAITY DONATIONS, in their CLEAR & PRESENT endangerment of hundreds of thousands of children, while aiding, abetting, enabling, perpetrating, racketeering, perjuring, obstructing justice, for thousands of hidden clergy pedophiles, with NO correction, no removal of many hundreds of GUILTY cardinals and bishops, & generally gross dereliction of duty, as well as wholesale FRAUD & EVIL.

THE SOLUTION? "Stop Donating Laity"! as St. Peter Damien correctly asserted.

The USCCB Credo & Motto Remains = ISAIAH 28:15!

There are over 100+ recently published empirical and factual books on the subject at:, and FREE at your local public libraries.

Among the salient & cogent authors are: Roman Catholic Bishops Thomas Gumbleton (USA) and Jeffery Robinson (Australia), along with comments from Cardinal Carlo Maria Martini of Milan, Italy, in 'The Tablet' (UK).

Other factual authors include: Fr. Richard Sipe, Dr. Robert Grant, MD, Attorney & Scholar Marci Hamilton, Dr. Leon Podles, Jason Berry, David Yallop, Fr. Thomas Resse, SJ, Fr/.Dr. Howard Bleichner, SS, and Fr./Dr./Canon Lawyer Thomas Doyle, OP, to name only a few.

On film and DVD:

2006: US Academy Award BEST DOCUMENTARY nominated - 'DELIVER US FROM EVIL';

2007: Cannes Film Festival Winner 'VOWS OF SILENCE'

2008: Nationally Released In Movie Theaters This December 8th, 'DOUBT' Starring US Academy Award Winning BEST ACTRESS Meryl Streep & US Academy Award Winning BEST ACTOR Phillip Seymor Hoffman

St. Paul to the Ephesians, 5:11, reminds each of us: "Do not deal in fruitless deeds of darkness, but expose them!";

Edmund Burke correctly states: "The only condition for the triumph of evil is for good men (or women) to do nothing!"

No Curia Accountability Or Removal? NJO LAITY MONIED! It Is THAT Simple!

Fiat Lux & Vertias!

Albino Luciani,


NOT Smiling, From Heaven

Post a reply to this comment

posted 12/05/08 @ 5:51 PM CST
What I do not understand is why these sexual abuse crimes against those who have not attained their majority are not considered under the more generic and appropriate terminology of "Crimes Against Humanity?" Such crimes are not subject to criminal or civil statutes of limitation. Where prevalence of such sociopathic behavior is identified, legal argumentation for such redefinition is not outside the realm possibility. Post a reply to this comment

posted 12/06/08 @ 1:11 AM CST
As far as the Jesuits taking sex abuse seriously, one poor example is Fr. Thomas Smolich (arguable now one of the top Jesuits in the USA) made a Jesuit permanently live in the same building as a Jesuit who allegedly sexually assaulted him, Br. Charles Connor (who was part of an unrelated $7 million Jesuit sex abuse settlement). Post a reply to this comment

posted 12/06/08 @ 7:11 AM CST
Fr. Powell's books helped me tremendously during my high school and college years in the 1970's. The allegations against him do nothing to detract from the benefit I've received from my reading and reflection on his writings. In fact, being fully human reminds all of us to acknwledge that we sin as part of the human condition. My belief in the teachings of Christ and personal experience have taught me and our family to choose to practice forgiveness and discover the freedom and healing it brings to live life to the fullest. We could all feel more "fully alive" if we'd learn to practice detatchment and forgiveness. Imagine if we were more curious and less certain that we really know what's in the heart and mind of these accused priets today, years after these alleged events took place. We might discover that just like you and me, they are good people who in their human frailty likewise sinned. Why would any of us want to define our current identity, worth and value on our past? . . . Because that would be fraud! Post a reply to this comment

posted 12/06/08 @ 12:43 PM CST
Someone in YOUR family commits a crime, do you abandon them? Would Christ abandon him? Well, a religious order becomes family once you enter and all are called to be Christ-like.

Don't think that Catholics don't abhor what has gone on, we do. And we know what we have to do about it. Post a reply to this comment

posted 12/07/08 @ 8:13 PM CST
I do not mean to diminish the horrible sex abuse, however does the media think ONLY Catholic priests (a small minority at that) are abusers? No rabbis, no ministers, no imams, no Mormons? People, please know this, the vast majority of priests are truly men of God. The main problem is that some of the 'top dogs' of the various doiceses covered this up! The abusers should have been tried & judged in an American criminal court. This is NOT abandoning your 'family' member! If your relative was abusing children (or any other serious crime), I would hope you would turn him in to the proper law authorities. Post a reply to this comment

posted 12/08/08 @ 12:09 AM CST
Most comments on this topic typically fall into one of two groups, either the priest and church are horrific or the Church is good and there are few bad apples and all should be forgiven.

My take is with each abuse there are two crimes. One is the actual abuse, which in of itself is unforgivable. The second is committed by Church officials, the whole chain of command from the local to the vatican. As an institution the Catholic Church basically provides a pimping service for the predators. Historically they have bailed the priest out only to put them in position to continue their behavior elsewhere. The goal is to protect the institution at any cost.

For all the high morals one would think would be attributed to the religious it's surprising that there haven't been any whistle blowers on the inside. All seem complicit in ongoing abuse. They really have lost their way as an institution. Post a reply to this comment

posted 12/08/08 @ 6:41 AM CST
Our current look at the "abuse crisis" through 21st century eyes and understanding of sexuality and law would suggest that bishops in the 1950's - 1990's "should have known. . . yadda, yadda, yadda."

A reality is that MOST did their best with the knowledge, information, and counsel they recieved from thier advisors (among them were lawyers and law enforcement.) Their intention was to do good for both victim and priest for whom they had dual responsibility. A prevailing belief in the last half of the last century was that sexual acting out was an affliction similar to alcoholism. Alcoholic priests were sent to rehab and then re-assigned, hoping that the change in environment and 12-step meetings would give them a fresh and sober start. I believe Bishops in general meant well, yet were ignorant about psycho-sexual matters, didn't know what they didn't know, and fearful of what they didn't know until reality hit the fan in the 80's.

Today (and especially in the last 20 years) we know more scientific information than ever before about sexuality, what's treatable and not treatable; what's pathological vs behavioral; and the consequences of ignorance on both sides of the abuse crisis issue.

Victims advocates and some lawyers would have us beleive we can/should judge past behavior by today's legal standards and understanding of sexulaity, which in my opinion is misguided. The reality is, that most Bishops and dioceses since the 1990's have changed their approach in accord with current understanding of law and science.

Hindsight is 20/20 and the Monday morning quarterback always gets it right! I say, let's give enlightened and better informed church leadership the benefit of the doubt in 2008.

Advocates for Mediation NOT Litigation Post a reply to this comment

posted 12/08/08 @ 10:55 PM CST
it is so true about religous orders getting away with more, for they have no set Bishop. there also is another big order in chicago called the AUGUSTINIANS, now they are close in similar problems to the jesuits. but as for a religious order they are, it appears, most overlooked. myself, i was a victim of a major augustinian leader from chicago area. no justice there served me. mine very similar to this jesuit story. Post a reply to this comment

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