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JP2 clone Milwaukee Archbishop Rembert Weakland followed orders to cover-up John Paul II Pedophile Priests Army Benedict XVI Ratzinger God's Rottweiler shows all the details of the pope's power in covering up the most heinous crime agaisnt children in Church history. John Paul II Millstone shows details the role of John Paul II in his 26 years papacy as he did NOTHING to stop the priest-pedophilia under his papal watch.

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From CBS 58 WDJT-TV Milwaukee News, 11.20.2008.

This story - click here with Video - asks the key question: Was retired Milwaukee Archbishop Rembert Weakland following church orders, from the pope in Rome, in covering up sex crimes (rape, molestation, sodomy) against children? The answer is clear: yes, he was–as was every bishop in the Roman Catholic Church who wanted to keep his job. Job security and being obedient to their superior, the pope, was more important to these Church officials than reporting crimes to law enforcement authorities, more important than the safety of future children.

New videotape released

MILWAUKEE - New videotape has been released of former Archbishop Rembert Weakland.

Weakland implies when he hid pedophile priests he was following church orders.

CBS 58's Veronica Griffin has the latest stunning revelation on a sex scandal that won't away.



By Charlie Sykes

Nov 13, 2008

Dramatic admission from the former archbishop.....

Retired Archbishop Rembert Weakland admitted in a video deposition released Wednesday that he transferred priests with a history of sexual misconduct back into churches without alerting parishioners.

The former archbishop acknowledged that he did so because "no parish would have accepted a priest unless you could say that he has gone through the kind of psychological examination and that he's not a risk to the parish."

I'm reposting a column I wrote in 2002:

The shame of Rembert Weakland
Milwaukee archbishop tolerated and protected priestly sexual abuse

By Charles J. Sykes

Even years later, he's haunted by the casual greeting: "Hi, Greg."

He was lying in bed, the bed of a Catholic priest. The priest, Father Dennis Pecore, had gotten up and answered the knock at his door. He stood in the doorway in his bathrobe, talking with another priest, who had come to his room. The visitor could see the boy lying in the bed. "Hi, Greg," he said to the boy.

"Nothing else was said or asked of me," recalls Greg. He was 14 years old.

Greg is just one of hundreds of young men who were sexually abused by priests they trusted. But his case casts a shadow over the Milwaukee archdiocese and the legacy of Archbishop Rembert Weakland.

It should. Because Weakland's handling of this case stands as his most shameful moment.

By the mid-1980s, it was an open secret that Pecore was using Greg, a student at the Mother of Good Counsel School, as a sex toy. Greg says that other priests knew, as well as teachers and school officials. "My mother used to call up at the rectory and they would say that I was not there, and she would ride by and see my bike out front and know I was at the rectory."

In July 1984, one of the school's teachers had become so alarmed that he wrote a letter informing Archbishop Weakland that a priest at the school was taking young boys to his private bedroom, one at a time, suggesting that he was abusing the youngsters. He urged Weakland to do something "before it goes public."

Weakland's response: a threat. He wrote that "any libelous material found in your letter will be scrutinized carefully by our lawyers."

Frustrated, the teacher and two others continued to warn about Pecore's behavior. All three teachers were fired. In a lawsuit filed several years later, the three teachers say they were fired because they had tried to warn Weakland about what was happening at their school.

There is no evidence that Weakland took any other action in response to the warnings. Instead, the teachers later said, the church "conspired to silence this situation and to terminate" the whistleblowers.

In early 1987, Father Pecore was charged with sexual assault. He was later sentenced to a year in jail. (Several years later, after he was charged with molesting another boy, he was given a 12-year prison sentence.) The archdiocese also agreed to pay Greg and his family $595,000 in an out-of-court settlement.

Weakland insisted that the agreement be kept secret. "It was the archdiocese's idea to seal it," Greg later wrote a Milwaukee judge, "and when our family saw the clause in the agreement that it was to be sealed, we strongly objected."

Greg rejects the idea that the secrecy was designed to protect him: "If the archdiocese wanted to protect me, they would have not put me through all the hassles they did."

Weakland, however, wanted the last word. In a column published in the archdiocese's newspaper, the archbishop suggested that the adolescent victims were not so "innocent" after all. "Some of them," Weakland wrote at the time, "can be sexually very active and aggressive and often quite streetwise."

Even back in 1988, prosecutors were stunned by Weakland's victim-must-share-the-blame attitude. The head of Milwaukee's sensitive crimes unit said he was "disappointed and saddened" by Weakland's comments, noting that Milwaukee 's archbishop was either "failing or choosing to ignore the obvious power differential that exists between a priest and child."

Then-assistant district attorney (and now judge) John DiMotto said that he had never known a case where a child had enticed a priest.

To this day, Weakland's actions and words still carry the power to wound.

"To me, looking back on it now," says Greg, "how could he even suggest that? I was so young at the time. I couldn't make a decision like that."

He's still disgusted by the secrecy. "I wanted to tell my story to everyone," says Greg. "I wanted to get this out. I wasn't afraid to tell what happened to me. And I felt bad for the teachers who lost their job, the principal at the school, who had to leave because of this. I wanted this out in the open."

Greg believes the teachers fired by the archdiocese "were trying to protect me, trying to help me. The teachers who lost their jobs were 100% behind my family through this whole thing."

Milwaukee 's archbishop, however, has been a different story. Rembert Weakland has nothing to say about Greg or his case. The church's secrecy, tolerance and denial of sexual abuse has become a cancer on the church.

In Milwaukee , the archbishop carries into retirement the burden of his silence.


Wednesday, Nov 26 at 12:43 AM Armistead wrote ...Archbishop Weakland isn't alone. Pope Benedict himself, as right hand man to the John Paul II, was in a position to know plenty about the American bishops and their coverup of priestly pederasty. There are outstanding law suits attempting to force him to testify. As this issue continues to fester, the questions swirl around Pope Benedict's possible involvement, knowledge, and actions as the highest ranking Vatican bureacrat at the time.

Sunday, Nov 16 at 4:11 PM Superheater wrote ...When Rembert Weakland was busy using his office to advance various left-wing causes and liturgical novelties-he was a cause celeb in the secular world because of stubborn refusal to be governed by theological norms. Now we see he wasn't just seperated from the Church on liturgical norms,but moral ones as well.

Sunday, Nov 16 at 8:02 AM greg wrote ...Please separate the condemnation of the person who sinned and the Church which is the body of Christ and therefore perfected. The priest sinned, the Church who gives us the Eucharist will stand the test of time and this scandel. We can still receive Jesus no matter how evil a human is! A human cannot corrupt Jesus.

Sunday, Nov 16 at 8:00 AM Belinda wrote ...As with each one of us, we have to fight the tendency to be a "pharisee" in the world. Our bishops and priests will be held as more accountable than us since they are standing as leaders to us. This bishop has much to repent and I'm concerned that he sounds like a pedophile in his attitude of "blame the victim". This is what pedophiles think, that the children are seducing them!!!!! How distorted and evil!!! The priest has the power and must not abuse it or children!!!

Friday, Nov 14 at 3:07 PM Tom from DC wrote ...As a non-practicing Catholic I would rather see the Church go bankrupt than the Big 3 or any other industry. I can't survive on mea cuplas and one host per day. The Catholic church has been out of touch with reality since they forced me to go to Mass 5 days a week for 8 years. I claim Caholic as my religion but I don't need the Church or a priest to tell me whats right and wrong. My saint of a mother did that. I live my life to respect her more than the preaching of the Catholic church. Amen

Friday, Nov 14 at 10:34 AM Amy P. wrote ...Russ - I'm 25, and consider myself "young" - you know what's a waste of my time? Going to a church that says anything I do - sinful or not - is okay. If it just reaffirmsm my choices, what's the point? You're right that young people can see phoniness which is why REAL, ORTHODOX, CONSERVATIVE Catholic parishes and religious orders have significantly higher numbers of youth than aging, hippy parishes. Look at Call to Action, a liberal Catholic group, and 99% of its members are over age 55.

Friday, Nov 14 at 6:46 AM Russ wrote ...To Amy-Some Bishops and above, think that you need to kiss something other than their ring, because the are above God's Law. They are out of touch with the reality of how young people think and can see through their guise of pomp and circustance. The liberal decisions that they make together as a collective group are not always on target and they can't understand why that is. The old thinking needs to consult with Vatican II decendents.

Thursday, Nov 13 at 8:01 PM Steve wrote ...It is not logically possible that one could believe that Catholic teachings are true, and allow this to happened. It does not appear that the Archbishop believed that there were souls at stake, for example. Nor that he even had a shred of decent humanity. The damage that he did is incalculable.

Thursday, Nov 13 at 2:21 PM Gabe wrote ...I have so much sympathy for Greg. Although I am a victim of sexual abuse by a sister, every time I read one of these stories about the evil of the Catholic church's hierarchy, I am stunned!! I taught junior high and high school students for over 30 years in Catholic schools, and not once did I EVER see a young boy "seduce a priest.' I know that the "bishop" is trying to rationalize his own acts, but he is just adding more evil to his deeds. How could this man handle the Body/Blood of Jesus?

Thursday, Nov 13 at 12:13 PM Josh D wrote ...I agree entirely with Amy. Everywhere where dioceses have strong, orthodox programs, attendance numbers are up as are seminarians and ordinations. Add to this the fact that in virtually everyone of those dioceses, the sex abuse scandal is quite low. Liberal dioceses like Boston and Milwaukee and those who allowed that theology in their parishes and seminaries will answer to God.

Thursday, Nov 13 at 11:55 AM Patrick wrote ...Rembert Weakland was the darling of the liberal media as long as he was fighting to distroy traditional Catholic life in his archdiocese. When he was discovered for what he was they were quick to abandon him because he was no more use to them. I am glad he's out of the picture!

Thursday, Nov 13 at 11:27 AM Bob F wrote ...If you really want to find Weakland's most shameful moment, as him about payoffs to Paul Marcoux

Thursday, Nov 13 at 8:51 AM Amy P. wrote ...No, Russ. The theologically liberal folks in the Catholic Church - who despise things like the all-male, celebate priesthood, devotion to orthodoxy, and the Traditions (big T) of the Church are a sorry lot. Read "Goodbye, Good Men" by Michael S. Rose - the fault of the abuse and the fallout lies with theologically illiterate, self-centered, liberal folk who harrassed, persecuted, and blacklisted faithful young men out of the seminaries and priesthood to "remake" Catholicism in their own image.

Thursday, Nov 13 at 8:50 AM JP wrote ...And yet they wonder why church attendance is down.

Thursday, Nov 13 at 8:18 AM Al wrote ...Matthew 18:6 Look it up, Rembert.

Thursday, Nov 13 at 6:37 AM Russ wrote ...This shadow thinking of not telling the whole truth is why young people stay away from the Sunday services. It's like a political promise--hallow in meaning. Our children learn by example and the Catholic Church is a sorry lot.

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