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John Paul II pedophile priest in Hawaii

John Paul II's Pedophile Priests Army extend around the world but only the United States the land of the free can afford to expose them. That is why John Paul II should never be canonized a saint and no American children should call him a "saint" - in support of the 12,000 American little boys and girls who were sodomized and sexually abused by more than 5,5000 John Paul II pedophile priests under his 26 years papal reign under the full control of the Opus Dei.

All Bishops were aware of these sexual abuses and they reported them to John Paul II and the Opus Dei in the Vatican. But the Opus Dei were too busy cooking up saints at the Vatican saint-factory especially the canonization of St. Josemaria Escriva and the papacy of John Paul II the Great –t hat they completely swept these pedophile priests cases under the rug of the Vatican.

The Opus Dei were and are too busy carrying out the hatred of St. Josemaria Escriva against the Jesuits that they are suppressing and silencing the Jesuit astronomers – while Benedict XVI is now praising the dead Galileo – and the Opus Dei Bishop in El Salvador has silenced the Jesuit missionary of the poorest of Christ – Jon Sobrino.
We reported in the John Paul II Millstone about Tom Doyle who first made a scholarly study of the New Orleans pedophile priests in 1985 but John Paul II and the Opus Dei got him fired instead from his post as Chaplain of the navy in the USA. That proves the extent of the secular power of the Opus Dei in the government of the USA! See full coverage of Tom Doyle in

From New Orleans to Hawaii, the John Paul II Pedophile Priests Army marches on in the USA on the eve of his hasty imminent canonization by the secret society of Opus Dei at the Vatican -- that uses Benedict XVI as their Phantom mask of the lies of their Father of Lies St. Josemaria Escriva.


Posted on: Friday, January 23, 2009

Isle man sues in church sex abuse

Child molester accused of attempting assault as a priest in 1984

By Curtis Lum
Advertiser Staff Writer

A Hawai'i man has filed a lawsuit against a former priest and the Roman Catholic Church of Hawai'i, alleging the priest attempted to sexually assault the man when he was a minor more than 20 years ago.

The plaintiff, listed only as "John Doe" in the complaint, is accusing convicted child molester Robert Burkholder of "forcibly" attempting to assault him in March 1984. The lawsuit, which was filed in state Circuit Court by attorney David Gierlach, alleges that the incident led to drug and alcohol abuse, as well as criminal conduct by the plaintiff.

The lawsuit also alleges that the Roman Catholic Church knew Burkholder was a sexual predator, but allowed him to work in Hawai'i. The church, the lawsuit alleges, "concealed its knowledge of Burkholder's proclivity to molest youngsters and continued to place Burkholder in positions where he would have contact with youngsters, including the plaintiff."

The man is seeking an unspecified amount in damages and attorneys fees.

A spokesman for the church could not be reached for comment. Burkholder's whereabouts was not known.

In August 2002, Burkholder, then a Makaha resident, was indicted in Michigan on two counts of second-degree criminal sexual conduct. He was one of four Roman Catholic priests who were charged with sexual assault in cases that date from the 1960s to 1980s.

Burkholder was accused of assaulting a 13-year-old Detroit boy in 1986 when the two were on a trip to Hawai'i. Michigan prosecutors, who characterized Burkholder as "one of the worst pedophiles" in Michigan, said the trip was an eighth-grade graduation present to the boy.

In November 2002, Burkholder, then 83, pleaded no contest to the charges and was sentenced to 30 days in prison and five years' probation.

Burkholder was ordained in 1947 and retired in 1985. He had moved to Hawai'i in 1981 and a year later began working as a contract military chaplain at the Army's Schofield Barracks.

Burkholder helped with Mass at St. Elizabeth Church in 'Aiea, but was not a parish priest and didn't join the Hawai'i archdiocese. It was unknown how long Burkholder continued working here, but he was prohibited from working with the church when the Archdiocese of Detroit banned him from wearing the collar and presenting himself as a priest in 1993.

Although he was convicted in just one case, Burkholder has admitted to molesting children in the 1940s and 1950s.

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