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John Paul II Pedophile Priest Army in Minnesota

John Paul II Pedophile Priests Army outnumber the Roman Legion and the army of King Herod. In the USA there are more than 5,500 pedophile priests whose victims were settled by dioceses at the cost of more than 2 billion dollars. The victims of more than 12,000 American boys and girls sodomized and abused by the John Paul II pedophile Priests Army outnumber the 5,000 victims of 9-11 World Trade Center attacks….John Paul II was a worse leader than Osama ben Laden because he covered up these most heinous crimes against children in the Catholic church’s history. John Paul II does not deserve to be called a `saint` by American lips and by American children.

Here is one of the latest settlements in Minnesota. But the largest numbers of pedophile priests are in Boston and Los Angeles and now a grand jury is investigating the cover-up of Cardinal Mahony even after he has settled and paid the largest amount of 660 million dollars for his hundreds of pedophile priests. See the John Paul II Millstone for in-depth coverage of Cardinal Mahony the deceiver For more coverage go to


Crosiers will pay $1.7 million to priests' sex-abuse victims

By Emily Gurnon
Posted: 02/05/2009 12:01:00 AM CST

A former Onamia man and eight others who were abused by clerics in the Catholic order of Crosiers — including one priest at St. Odilia in Shoreview — won a $1.7 million settlement from the group.

Bob Skjonsby, now 43 and living in Port Orchard, Wash., was molested by Wendell Mohs, 56, when he was a 17-year-old altar boy at Sacred Heart parish in Wahkon, Minn., in the early 1980s.

"It's been a long, hard journey," Skjonsby said today at an afternoon press conference at attorney Jeff Anderson's office in St. Paul. "But this is a victory for us victims and all the survivors out there... It's not our fault."

The settlement also involved three men who were abused by Gerald Funcheon, known as "Father Jerry," who worked at St. Odilia parish in Shoreview and taught at the church school there.

David Bidney, 49, said Funcheon molested him for almost three years, beginning when he was 10. He trusted the priest, he said.

"I thought he was God's right-hand man," said Bidney, who now lives in Hinckley. "I was just a kid."

Mohs has admitted that he victimized Skjonsby and that his supervisors knew he molested kids even earlier in his career, but they kept moving him around to other positions involving children, according to the lawsuit by Skjonsby.

In addition to the money, the Crosiers agreed to disclose names of other former members still alive who had "credible allegations" of sexual abuse made against them, said attorney Mike Finnegan. The religious order also will disclose documents related to the alleged abusers, he said.

The settlement "goes a long ways toward protecting children," Finnegan said. He congratulated Skjonsby for coming forward.

"He's a huge champion of children," he said.

In a statement issued today, Thomas R. Carkhuff of the U.S. Crosier Province said the group hopes the settlement helps the victims move toward "peace and healing."

"We are deeply sorry for these wrongs that were committed in the past by some Crosiers, and for the pain that this abuse has caused these men and their families," Carkhuff said.

The other priests and brothers involved in the settlement were Roger Vaughn, Gregory Madigan and Gabriel Guerrero. The men were moved around among Crosier communities, including a boarding school seminary for boys in Onamia, Holy Cross Parish at the seminary, Sacred Heart Parish in nearby Wahkon, the Teens Encounter Christ program, St. Odilia in Shoreview and a community in Indiana, Anderson said.

Mohs, a native of Blackduck, Minn., has worked in Onamia, Belle Prairie, Minneapolis, Coon Rapids, St. Paul, Anoka and St. Cloud. He is believed to be living in Rice, Minn.

"The best thing about this whole thing is maybe someone will see this and know that it's better to come out than to hide," Bidney said.

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