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Day 4 Con’t:The National Republican African American Caucus Has It’s Say!: An 18 Day Political Revival

April 20, 2010

NRAAC's National Chair

Dr. Jean Howard-Hill

National Republican African American Caucus [NRAAC] Blog

The National Republican African American Caucus Has It's
Say!: An 18 Day Political Revival

Day Four Con't: The Different Flavors of White Republicanism. Which flavor are you?

[Since I have blogged sermonically for the past few days, I thought a little humor might lighten it up a bit. Every revival needs a little humor! A time when we can bare honest assessment and even laugh at ourselves. So please try not to take offense. And if I offend someone, please forgive me, love me inspite of it, and just pray for me.]

Since in the last post, I talked about the politically diverse faces of the African-American Republican, today I thought it fair to do the same of White Republicans. After all, I never would want anyone to say that I did not give both equal time and consideration. That would suggest disparate treatment. So because I believe in equal rights for everyone, today let me introduce you to some of the white faces of the GOP. Because there are more of them in the party, there are more diverse faces. That is the burden of being a predominantly white party.

Let's begin.

The True Lincoln Republicans: They are those who understand the genesis of the Republican Party, because they understand history. Some actually are descendants of those who were a part of joining with freed slaves to form the Republican Party. They too know the difference between what was and what is today, and no doubt are grieved because it is not the same as it originally was intended. But they don't know what to do to fix it.

The Good White Republicans: They are the genuine, real life, Republicans who believe that we all are God's children. They believe all people are created equally and have absolutely no problem whatsoever with African Americans or any other race of people being a part of the GOP. They are the good guys. I LIKE this group!

The Big Tent Republicans: They are the moderate to liberal Republicans who believe everything should be included under the GOP tent regardless of race, ideology, sexual preference, etc. They do exist, but the GOP tries to keep them locked away in the closet. Not a lot of mentioning of them.

The African American Defense Team Republicans: I know something about this group personally. They are the ones who stand up for and along side of, those who are being excluded and mistreated, to their own political detriment. They take the hits, to welcome and defend the rights of African Americans within the Republican Party. They are my GOP heroes!

The South Shall Rise Again White Republicans: This group truly believes that the South shall rise again and will retake their black slaves, who were freed by the Emancipation Proclamation! Therefore, they will not let it go! In hopes of the dawning (or should I say darkening) of that day, they keep alive the memory of the Civil War - but with a different ending! This time, they win and all black folks are rounded up and returned to the cotton fields and plantations of the South! They also are willing to not just reenact history, but to actually wage war again on the political front to take back the South to the exclusion of Blacks and even White Liberals who they see now as having replaced the Abolitionists of the North. Not sure how that will play out in this day and time - especially with the mentality of the boys in the hood.

The Hate Everything that is Not Republican!: They hate any and every thing that is not Republican! If you want to be a good American, you have got to be Republican! If you are not a Republican, then you are a communist, socialist and hate America. You are not patriotic and you are destroying this country! There is no other way to save America, nor is there any other way to be an American. End of story! If they could, they would make being a Republican, a requirement of citizenship.

The Hate Obama Republicans: This is the newest of the Republican faces. Simply put, they HATE PRESIDENT OBAMA!

The "You People" Republicans: They are the ones who ALWAYS refer to African Americans as "You People", as if we don't have names or ethnic identity!

The White Money Republicans: They are the ones who can sit back in their recliner at home, and control Washington through a political remote control! But here lately, they have shown signs of losing some of that control - at least at the RNC level, when it comes to budgeting in RNC entertainment - stripper joint styled.

The Wall Street Republicans: They are the ones within the party who protect the rich. Although they may appear to be against the bailouts, don't believe it!

The Sane Republicans: Within this group, here lie the true voices of sanity. Here lately, we have been hard pressed to find them. Perhaps we need to look harder. Surely they still exist! Somewhere we hope.

The Truly Insane: They are the truly, certifiably crazy, white folks in the Republican Party, who you can expect to do or say anything!

The Borderline Insane: As of late, there are no longer any borderline insane Republicans. Either you are or either you ain't! No more in-betweens.

The Hear the Rat Piss On Cotton Republicans: They are the ones who when you e-mail, call or etc, especially when you want to talk about disparate treatment of Blacks within the party, they are so quiet that you can hear a rat piss on cotton! They honestly believe that the issue will remain a well kept secret, if they ignore us and keep silent. They are the ones who each night pray that the so called "trouble makers" in the party will shut up, give up, or go away, and that the media will NEVER find or listen to them! Oh what they would give to have this one "colored lady" down in Tennessee SHUT UP, GIVE UP, or just simply GO AWAY!

The Rush-Palin-Beck Republicans: They are the "political whores" of the Republican Party who have found great pleasure and profit in selling their "stuff". They have prostituted and distorted the GOP message in exchange for media attention, wealth, and fame. Because they have found a significant clientele, even the most respected leaders of the GOP are too weak to speak out against their whoredom, for fear it might cost them a vote!

The Go Along, to Get the Vote Republicans: They are those who need every vote they can get. Therefore, they sit back and just let things happen that are absolutely crazy and out of character with what the Republican Party truly represents. This group of Republican leadership have fallen prey to the Rush-Palin-Beck Republicans, and are afraid to stand up and say, "Enough!" of the foolishness. They have lost something by not having the courage to do this, and in that loss is our Republican integrity and civility. Also included in this group are The Go Along, to Get the Money Republicans. Same thing, same results.

The Make You Want to Cringe Republicans: Those who when they open their mouths, you cringe. The ones that everything that comes out of their mouths seemingly is rambling, cliché, a little strange, and not well thought out. The ones who when you hear them, you scratch your head and ask, "Say what?" or "Did they really say that?" Nevertheless, they are the ones behind the mic and before the camera! The party loves them because they are good for raising money (mostly for themselves) and firing up the crowd. So it doesn't matter that they make the rest of us look just as ridiculous, for letting them have the limelight. So far, Sarah Palin almost solely occupies membership in this group, with Bachman chasing behind her, trying to catch up to her.

The Republican Religious Hypocrites: This is the group that is the scariest! Why? Because they see no wrong in using religion and God to further their political agenda! They talk the talk, but they do not walk the walk. They are dangerous because they do all of this, while hiding behind their own brand of less than Godly religion. Sort of makes you not want any parts of "their" religion.

The Step On You and Crush You Republicans: These are the Republican Crushers, who when they step on you, their intention is to crush you and they offer no remorse or apology for doing so! They are the grand masters of mean spiritedness and when they step on you, they keep their foot there to make sure you don't get up! They are a breed that is like unto none other - cruel and without principles and conscience. Believe me, those who have been there, been crushed, we know!

The Controllers and Gatekeepers: Cousins to the Crushers are those who seek to control who gets into the Republican Party and how much power they can have. They are gatekeepers who prevent those who may appear to be a threat to their political upward mobility. They also regulate and control the number of "colored" folks they can "reasonably" permit within the party - which is generally single digits, with the exception of a few cases where there are double digits. Note: Please do not mistake the word "reasonably" with rationally.

The Fear Mongers and Hysterical Republicans!: They are the ones who spread the message of doom and gloom like the bubonic plague! Who cares if what they are saying is true, false or distorted. It is a good way to beef up the vote and to pass legislation!

The White Republican Tea(ers): Still not sure how to define this one. Still too new, and too disorganized to describe. My prediction? Come 2012, it will have formed breast, and from them will flow the milk of the Other Republican Party, with Sarah Palin as their anointed leader! I am willing to bet on this one! The girl knows how to climb!

The Racist and Bigots: Need I say any more?

The Constitution Republicans: All this group ever talks about is the CONSTITUTION, the CONSTITUTION, the CONSTITUTION!

The Gun Tooting, Gun Smoking, Jessie James Republicans: In this group are those who believe that guns are the answer to America's problems and ownership is right up there on the list with life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness!

The Mafia Styled White Republicans: This group operates with hit lists; hitmen/hitwomen, drive-by(s); and any other method to protect their turf and political rackets. They are the mafia styled political family of the GOP, who keep the hands of the members of their family who have been appointed and elected to political office clean, by giving the orders to others to carry out the tasks of taking out anyone who unknowingly or knowingly might be a threat. It mostly is comprised of non-qualified to less than qualified individuals who know they are lacking and do not have what it takes to hold office. Therefore, they take and hold office by force and with the help of those within their money connection, they are kept afloat. I also know something about this group, and from what I have witnessed, it is NOT pretty!

The Unaware Grass Root Republicans: They are the innocent. Because of party loyalty, they faithfully vote Republican and would have it no other way. But they seldom have a clue as to what is actually going on internally within the party. That is why many times, unknowingly they support the foolishness! But only if they knew, perhaps they would speak out and make right the wrong.

The Young White Republicans: This group is personally dear to my heart. I just love this group! Daily I pray for their political purity. Most are innocent of and unacquainted with the racial hatred they see some of the older Republicans espouse. They have grown up in racial and ethnic mixes, and have come to understand and appreciate differences. They do not see race as the older generation sees it. Their arms are open to inclusion. In them lie, the hope of the party. If only we can keep them from being poisoned and influenced by those who stand as gatekeepers to their political integration into the Republican Party. For if they can remain pure, until some of the older flavors die or fade out, they will most certainly put a new face on the party - one with colorblind eyes and open arms of embrace. I guess this is one of the reasons why I enjoy teaching. Because I get to see many of them while they are still innocent and untarnished. How refreshing indeed! I end on this note with the young white Republicans, because in them is HOPE.

My fellow white Republicans, like your African American Republican sisters and brothers, you now see the flavors of White Republicanism. Which ones will you choose and which ones fit you? Whatever the flavor, it is time to reject the bad and hold fast to the good.

It is never too late to change. Let 2010 be that fork in the road, where we find the paths back to the original Party of Lincoln and the core values of the Republican Party, which were birthed from both white and black wombs.


To reach the NRAAC national chair:

Jean Howard-Hill
423-702-5622 NRAAC office

[Dr. Jean Howard-Hill is the author of Black Eyes Shut, White Lips Sealed. She has serves as the national chair for the National Black Republican Women with her late husband, Attorney Bobby Lee Hill serving as the head of the Black Republican Men for Change from 1987 to his death in 1991. After his death up until 1993, she remained head of the organization, and in 1999 combined the two groups to form the National Republican African American Caucus.

She has taught full time and as an adjunct, American Government, State and Local Government, and International Politics and Culture of Nonwestern Countries at the University of Tennessee Chattanooga, and was voted 2006 Outstanding Professor of the year. Additionally, from 1976 to 1979, she designed and directed the "Democracy In Action" Program, which was a civics program taught in the local school systems. Howard-Hill also is a local political commentator and holds a law degree from the University of Tennessee at Knoxville College of Law. She also is ordained clergy and heads The Healing Place Ministries International, overseeing 47 ministries throughout Africa.

She also is a TN third district congressional candidate. If elected, she would be the first African American Republican and female to be elected from the third district. Her campaign website can be found at: http://ladyjforcongress.com and http://jeanhowardhillforcongress.com; http://jeanhowardhillcampaignnews.blogspot.com; http://blogwithladyjforcongress.blogspot.com; http://jeanhowardhillforcongress.ning.com; http://www.youtube.com/JHHCongress; http://twitter.com/ JHHCongress.]

The National Republican African-American Caucus is an organization that is comprised of Spirit filled people of faith within the African American community, that works in conjunction with local, state and national party efforts to embrace, and offer African-American Republicans opportunities for inclusion and involvement in the Republican Party, and builds bridges between the African-American community and the Republican Party. In doing so, it seeks to carry out the philosophy and mission set before President Abraham Lincoln and Frederick Douglas to build a stronger and more inclusive Republican Party, where those guiding principles are more important than politics.

More information on the NRAACcan be found at:

http://www.nraacaucus.org; http://nraacaucus.ning.com [NRAAC] National Republican African American Caucus Social Issue Network (members only); http://nraac.blogspot.com [NRAAC Blog]; http://youthonthehorizons.blogspot.com [NRAAC Youth on the Horizons Blog]; http://the-twig.blogspot.com [NRAAC New Generation-New Direction Blog]; and
http://theblackolivebranch.blogspot.com [NRAAC National Chair's Blog]. Each State Caucus can be accessed by state. See related links at http://www.nraacaucus.org/index_files/Page816.htm. Also can be found on the RNC group page at http://our.gop.com/Groups/National_Republican_African-American_Caucus_NRAAC.

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