Friday, September 24, 2010

Fire it Up! Five Ways to Spark Your Event.

Fire it Up! Ways to Use FIRE at Events

Lighting is an enormously important part of each event; not to mention any space in general. Lighting sets a mood, creates ambience and can alter the way an event is perceived. The aspect of lighting we want to talk about today is FIRE. Here are a few ideas we like at DJS for creative usage of fire.

1.) Flameless Flames.
Flameless flames have been on the rage now for a while, and it’s for good reason. They come in all sorts of different shapes, and sizes. At an Arabian Nights themed event, our belly dancers mesmerized us by the light of flameless flames that were actually made of a beautiful silk material.

2.) Tea Light Candles.
Dripping from tree branches or placed in beautiful containers on a table, tea lights are a delicate way to make a big impact in a room. To make it super safe, use battery operated ones, just make sure their plastic “flame” isn’t too obvious.

3.) Sparklers
Sparklers are an awesome, adult-friendly way to ring in the New Year or celebrate a birthday/ anniversary. At this party, there were multiple birthdays at so everyone got a sparkler and lit it up before singing and cake cutting.

4.) Entertainment
Add a little mystique! Nothing lights up a room more than a fire eater or a magician’s fire tricks.

5.) Fireworks
These can be used for large scale events-festivals, concerts, rooftop parties and other outdoor affairs…but even indoor occasions can have a small pocket of outdoor patio time in which guests are mesmerized.

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