Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Simple or Spectacular? Tips for your Save the Date!

While Save the Dates gained popularity years ago as a practical way to remind guests to clear their schedules, Save the Dates have now become a stylish and unique way to show the bride and groom’s personalities and tastes. Save the dates don’t have to be as formal or pristine as the invitations; this is why they often take on a more humorous or artistic tone. Here’s a great example of a Save the Date that DJS Events has done and an example of the art from the formal invitation that followed:

A sweet little detail worth noting is the pair of wings in the background of the Save the Date. That same sketch was used to create a gobo for the ceiling of the wedding. We love threading themed details all throughout our events!

Interested in something a little less traditional? Magnets are also a great way to go, they stare your guests in the face every day when they reach for the fridge! We also found these awesome Save the Date videos that are truly a great way to express a couple’s joy and creativity. Enjoy and be inspired!
We like this one because it's concise, artful and fun, yet also manages to stay classy:

Allison & Jared are Getting Married!! Save the Date!! Engagement Photo-Shoot. from Thomas Marlow on Vimeo.

Here's one that is a little more story driven. Incorporating your story as a couple is powerful way to create a theme or capture your guests attention:

Save the date from Justin Lewis on Vimeo.

And this one is great because it's brief and sweet, without much fuss for the type of guests that don't have much time!

save the date from Brooks Tuckett on Vimeo.

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