Monday, April 9, 2012

TOGETHER WE CAN HANDLE IT - cane console table

It`s hard getting back into work when you have been away from it for a long period.
Both George and I are trying to recall this feeling from past years but it seems different
this time around. Not only have we had several negatives come up since our return home
but we also spent our entire Easter weekend sick in bed.
Seriously not a single chocolate bunny or egg has been seen or enjoyed around here.

Even being sick has not kept me completely down as I`ve been able
to bring this newly completed console table to you. 

Fortunately I didn`t have to build anything but I can tell you,
painting and waxing open designed furniture takes a great deal of time, product,
attention to detail, and great patience. 

It has 2 removable glass panels in the top surface,
and 2 perfect caned panels on the bottom.

This is a vintage solid wood piece of furniture.

This Cane Console Table is listed on the SHOWROOM page with dimensions and price.

Get it before I decide to keep it!

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