Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Dummy cakes versus Yummy cakes

In our right hand corner we have the original, scrumptious Yummy Cakes! In our left, we have the avant-garde, gorgeous Dummy Cakes!

Ding Ding Ding!
When it comes to dessert, our clients are often at a loss when it comes to Yummy versus Dummy.
“What do you mean, spend money on a cake I can’t even eat?”
Ah Grasshopper, there is so much for you to learn!
Here are the basics for deciding on having your cake and eating it too:

Dummy Cakes 101

Dummy Cakes are virtually limitless…created to be the focal point of your wedding, they can be any size, shape, color or design you want, even twisting and bending in Cirque Solei style. Want an Eiffel tower cake? Done! A cake in the shape of a Prada bag spilling open, complete with lipstick, Blackberry and wallet? Done!
Dummy cakes can do pretty much anything….
except be eaten.
So, back to the age old question:
Why have a cake I can’t eat?

There are many reasons why dummy cakes are a great way to go.
It’s important to note that when you order a dummy cake, your baker will also be supplying you with cupcakes or a sheet cake that is pre-cut and served after the dummy cake is presented. While you won’t be able to eat the decorative cake, chances are that if you have a talented baker, the edible cake will be delicious.

Here are some reasons why one may want a dummy vs a yummy:
1.) The Freedom Factor: you want a complicated cake that will wow your guests, it’s likely that the design will be easier to construct using fondant and Styrofoam, the main ingredients in dummy cakes.
With Dummy cakes, the possibilities are endless…
2.) Picky, Picky!: What if you have a Japanese themed wedding and you want green tea flavors, but also the traditional chocolate and vanilla? You can have a variety of cupcake flavors or even small sheet cakes. Let’s be honest, guests can be super picky and if you have anything unusual it may be best to provide some good old fashioned traditional flavors.

3.) Options! If you want a “mostly dummy” cake, you can have the bottom tier be real while the rest is fake. This is can great for weddings, where the traditional caking cutting photo is usually a must for the photo album that follows.
4.) Lots of Hungry Partiers…after your guest list exceeds 300, one yummy cake won’t do the trick anymore.

Yummy Cakes 101

And yet there is something about tradition that just doesn’t get old. “Yummy” cakes are the kind that can be eaten (imagine that!), and while they can’t take on the crazy sculptural forms that some dummy cakes can, they can be carved into shapes and decorated with a myriad of edible arrangements-including edible flowers.
Most of the reasons why you might want a yummy cake has to do with the drawbacks associated with dummy cakes.

Here are some reasons why you might choose a yummy cake for your special day:
1.) Flava’ Flave: Cupcakes and side cakes tend to be dry and many report that flavor in side cakes isn’t always as scrumptious..which leads to number 2….
2.) Don’t get fresh with me! Yummy cakes are made, iced and served the day of your event, as opposed to sheet cakes, which can be made a day or two before, affecting freshness and quality.

3.) Fabulous Fillings- When it comes to yummy cakes, the sky is the limit… not so with cupcakes. In general, you can’t use fresh fruit fillings in cupcakes.
4.) Quality, not Quantity…If you have more than 300 people are your event, you can also choose to have more than one yummy cake rather than a whole lot of plain sheet cake.

5.) It’s just plain awesome to be able to eat the beautiful cake that someone worked super hard on. And if you ask some, tastier too!

We hope this helps and that your day is as delicious as the cake you choose to use!

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