Saturday, June 12, 2010

My third and last series of sewing classes

The best thing about special lesson weeks here at AEON is that us teachers get to teach something really different for a change. And I my case that means I get to teach sewing classes! This is the third time I'm doing this and this was by far my favorite kind of sewing class. 

The first time we made some fish, ghosts and ice lollies, but that was before I had found a good felt supplier so we used felt from the 100 yen store and they didn't really have great colors at that time. The second time was for Valentine's Day and we made hearts and kisses. Then we did have awesomely colored felt, but our creations didn't have faces, and stuff is just cuter with faces and buttons for eyes.

And this week I taught five classes in which we made cupcakes, cookies and ice cream cones and they all had faces! Look at all these pretty ladies working hard on their favorite sweet treat:
This class was also the most successful of the three, because our creations were a little smaller, I did some preparatory sewing for each student sewing and I made everyone use a running stitch in stead of the more complicated blanket stitch. Students mostly finished within the hour and they all loved their little badges: 
I've taught at AEON for more than three years and these were absolutely my favorite classes! Wish I could do a few more before I leave Japan.

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