Wednesday, June 22, 2011


1. Could you tell us a bit about yourself? 
I’m Sare of SewSare, Sare being short for Sarah but I can’t really remember the last time anyone called me that. I’m 22 and at the moment live in Brighton, UK with my boyfriend. I’m originally from London and I still commute there for my job. I sew and bake as much as possible as well as being a keen runner (I’ve just run my second marathon). And of course, I love reading blogs!
2. What do you make and how did you get into this?
I make home and fashion accessories so things like cushions, tote bags, aprons, purses, hair bands.
This is just what I’ve always made. I like to make new things so most of my products are things I’ve tried out and liked enough! I’m constantly trying new things so don’t expect my products to stay the same for very long.

3. Why did you name your blog SewSare?
My blog is named after me and what I like to do, SewSare sums it up perfectly! It’s not all sewing though, there’s enough cake to make anyone hungry I think. And a bit about where I live and what I’ve been up to.

My shop is called The Bear & Rabbit. I had been looking for a new name for my shop (the sew part was staring to limit some of my ideas) and Bear & Rabbit just really appealed to me.

4. Where and when do you like to create?
I live in a very small flat so my creative space is limited. I have taken over the dining table because the view from the window there is lovely. But it isn’t unusual to find me curled up on the sofa or spread out across the floor. It usually just depends on how close to the sewing machine I need to be!
I have an 1½ hour commute each day too so I like to put in my headphones and doodle new designs to pass the time on the train. If I’m really brave I craft on the train too but nothing more adventurous than a cross stitch so far. You get some strange looks!

5. What or who inspires you? 
So much inspires me! I love people watching; certain colours or fabric combinations someone is wearing or a book they are reading can spark off a new idea for me. I live in a city squashed between the sea and open countryside so nature plays it’s part too. I’m slightly obsessed by magazines, giving me another endless stream of inspiration. And of course, blogs! I’m constantly adding things to my favourites to inspire me later.

6. What’s the best thing you’ve ever made?
The best thing I’ve made so far is definitely these cushions for my mum’s house. I had been making a few things here and there but this was the first thing someone else requested me to make something. After that everything started to click and I haven’t stopped making things for friends and family!
7. When you create what do you like to drink, snack on, listen to, or watch?
What I’m listening to usually depends on who I’m with while crafting. Usually whatever my boyfriend is watching or playing is on in the background so I zone it out pretty quickly! If it’s music though, definitely anything 80’s, the cheesier the better! I have a serious sweet tooth so there’s normally a lot of chocolate around too, along with something caffeinated. I’m definitely not a healthy snacker!

8. What skill would you love to learn and who would you like to be your teacher?
There’s so much I want to learn! I’ve been attempting to learn to crochet for forever and I still can’t do it. I have quite a few designs floating around my head that need crochet so I would love to learn how. Anyone with enough patience to get past my lack of hand-eye coordination would be good!

9. What are you working on now and what are your goals for the future?
I’m planning to open my Etsy shop this summer so I’m busy working on new designs and products ideas at the moment. I feel like I’ve waited so long to get my shop opened that I can’t wait now!

10. What are your five favorite websites?
Twitter: I am probably the worst tweeter in the world but I love catching up with what people are up to. Twitter has allowed me to ‘meet’ lots of crafty people I would never have had to chance to otherwise.

A Beautiful Mess: Finding this blog is what started everything for me. Crafting doesn’t quite have the same reputation here in the UK as in other places like America. That’s starting to change now but this blog opened up a whole new world for me.

Handmade By Emily: This is another UK crafty blogger who posts about the most amazing things she finds on the internet. Her cute owls and lavender mice are well worth a look too.

Lauren Loves: Lauren writes a beauty blog which isn’t really my thing but her posts are so addictive I have to read them. Watch out for her crimes of fashion posts for a good giggle!

Picnik: Pretty self explanatory but I couldn’t survive without this site to save my dreadful photos!!

11. Where can we find you online?
You can find me at my blog, and on twitter. I'm hoping to open my Etsy shop in early summer so keep an eye on my blog for news on that!

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