Friday, June 24, 2011

SEAWORTHY TRAVELERS - graphic transfer part II

When last we saw our intrepid sea travelers ......

they got a thin clear coat to protect the fine work.

Next a thin brushing of primer.

then to the finish coat of paint,
above you can see I photographed the table with the paint just on the edge
to show you the different tone of my primer vrs. paint.

OH NO, our hard work is disappearing!

You can see it's still visible for our next step.
Below is a comparison between before and after the paint we just layed.


Here's my favorite part,
grab your artist brush, craft paint, and if possible a steady hand.

2 hours and listening to the movie *A LEAGUE OF THEIR OWN* later

Our seaworthy travelers have found land.

Part I can be found here.

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