Wednesday, March 21, 2012

REVIST - creamy white secretary

Originally built back in the summer of 2010,
this is a desk I made to look just a bit better than when it started.

The bottom was a regular drop front desk needing a fix or two,
however I built the top parts from several recycled pieces.

I built this piece while working a full time regular job,
many late nights and early mornings.
All done in the middle of my little kitchen.

The main body of the upper cabinet was a old shelf that I customized.

- the doors are from a larger hutch unit.
- appliques were picked up at a yard sale.
- vintage hardware from a discarded cabinet.

- crown molding was free on a local internet recycle site. 

Salvage from a water bed headboard,
I used tongue and groove boards on the back of the upper cabinet.

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