Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The Orb

Look at that gorgeous fretwork!

I love it when my customers promise me photos of my lights installed in their homes and then they send them! As well as delight seeing these photos, I must confess I also felt great relief! That Orb is a monster to ship! ....and Cathy, my customer, was overseas at the time of delivery so I was sweet talking the delivery guy into placing it out of sight and out of the weather. Phew! It's safe, it's up and it's damn gorgeous.... even if I say so myself. 

And look, Cathy has my Rattan Bar Stools as well! Actually Cathy is what I call a very loyal customer. She has some of my beautiful Etienne French Glass Lights on order and that kitchen of hers will soon have my Hampton's Lights hanging in it!

Email me if you need an Orb! Chain is extendable. Cathy shortened hers a little but the light can hang lower if desired. More details HERE.

Thank you for sending me your photos Cathy!

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