Wednesday, August 10, 2011

SHOWROOM TO BEDROOM - room makeover

Come on in and get the 50 cent tour.

NEW Bedroom - AFTER

Guests are due to arrive tomorrow night and the bedroom make-over is complete.
We hope George's daughter and granddaughter enjoy it.

OLD Showroom - BEFORE

I took our front entry as well as where we usually show most of my furniture,
and transformed it into a pretty and comfortable guest bedroom.


This is a 136" x 69" room, that's just over 11 feet long by just under 6 feet wide.


$3 yard sale faux wood blinds I spray painted white and of course the vintage lamp I rewired for you.


George's granddaughter gets her own hooks to hang stuff and my beloved iron stool to sit on,
 or climb on to reach all the neat things.

BEFORE seen above

AFTER seen below

The quilted green pillow shams from our last Florida trip work great with the
$15 king size yard sale quilt we just picked up. It's in perfect condition. 

 I built a custom sized bed because the room isn't big enough. We chose to used the Queen size
 BYOB mattress (camping air mattress) because it would be flexible with the fit. 
I built a raised platform underneath so the girl's have tonnes of room to hide their luggage.
There is also extra foam and padding between the wood platform and the air mattress.

I hope they have some great night's of sleep, cause George plans to run them ragged.
Me thinks he forgets he's dealing with a 4 year old.

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