Sunday, August 28, 2011

BORN IN A BARN - sliding barn style doors

There is one element I didn't have time to share in the original post about the guest room make over
New sliding doors we purchased and installed.

The plan was to hang a vintage door we've had for a while
so off to home depot to get a track.

I had built a pocket door for my daughter's room years ago so I wanted to use this same method
again but on the outside of the wall.

We found the track and were heading to the cashier when we started to gaze at all the different
sizes, shapes, colors, and designs doors come in these days.

and before we knew it there we were standing in front of a clearance trolley with
a set of tempered glass doors with all the hardware marked down over $160.

The mark down price was $100.
We were already willing to pay $30 for the track and these were gorgeous,
not to mention they would let light into the hallway.

The only thing we had forgotten was we were 45 minutes from home and in the smallest.
vehicle we own. GREAT FUN was had on that drive home.

The track they came with was for a pass by closet door so we asked my welder fabricator father
if he could cut it into 2 to make 1 single length and luckily he could.

I fashioned guides for the door bottoms from long corner brackets using the vise and a hammer.
They are attached to the wall behind the doors.

Eventually I will make a valance to hide the mechanism at the top to give it a finished polish look.

What do you think?

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