Monday, August 22, 2011

YOU ASKED MY OPINION IV - janice's master bedroom

This is the fourth installment of *YOU ASKED MY OPINION*
Janice has asked for some direction with her master bedroom.

Janice doesn't have a digital camera so ....
I've had to interpret her descriptions with on line pics and ideas.
I hope you all enjoy and especially you Janice.
She has described her room as having a king sized bed on one side of the room
and 2 tall windows on either side of a large credenza style dresser on the opposite wall.

How about the thought of reversing the room by moving the bed between the windows

I'm quite partial to floor to ceiling pleated drapes, all 3 of these first photos have great window treatments.

Janice wants to introduce a blue or turquoise into the room.
Love the soft turquoise on the walls.

She has a metal scroll work headboard that needs painting too.
Using a feature wall behind the iron headboard will help it stand out.

This is a great example of white on white, it does offer texture without standing out. 

Janice asked for a grown up bedroom so *NO* to this room

Antiquing the iron headboard would offer a very shabby chic country feel

But Janice loves everything french - french country?

The metal headboard needs to be primed and painted with metal spray paint,
I like the look of this, very french and very grown up.

White walls and turquoise frame sounds exciting but has a beachy feel.
I still like the feel of this room.

Janice also has a pair of Italian feeling cherub lamps she wants to use in the room.

Both Janice and I love the feel of this space.
The combination of golds, creams, and turquoise is perfectly soothing for a bedroom

Janice knows she is drawn to all white fluffy bedding.
Okay I think I threw in the *fluffy* part.

She has 3 botanics currently over her bed hanging symmetrically
with blue/green paisley mats.

Depending on their size just 2 could be used above the side tables.

Or all three moved over 1 side table and displayed like the above example,
with something of equal weight over the other side.

The real trick will be to incorporate her single raspberry velvet upholstered french chair but I think
it can be done if the raspberry is used as an extra accent color in small doses around the room.

The room has oak parquet thru out so a plush soft rug would be warming to the feet

or a bit more of a whimsical feel could be managed with a round colored one.

You could always do a traditional or classic rug.
I wanted to talk about Janice's dresser but as she is very eager to start this week and I want to get
this posted sooner then later. She already has the credenza style dresser painted in white
with a tall center mirror so it's just a matter of placement and styling.

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*** Interested in finding sources for the photos used in this post,
right click the photo and in google image search use the file name listed under properties to search each pic.

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