Sunday, August 7, 2011

A thank-you bird

My husband is a graduate student and he's working on his Master in Psychology. And last month, he had to conduct play therapy with a child for his studies. I came along to see him play with his friend's two year old daughter. That little girl was really sweet and adorable, and she did so well that I made her a bird, in her favorite colors, to thank her for playing with us.
I heard she loves the little felt bird and calls her 'One Eye'. And my reward was this lovely thank-you note from her and her mom. Isn't that just awsome?
Her mom drew the lion on the purple card and pasted the monkey sticker on it. I love it too, because it's so applicable. My birthday is in four days, so I'm a Leo, which we simply call 'lion' (leeuw) in Dutch and my Chinese zodiac is a monkey (which is where 'eleventh monkey' comes from). Anyways, it's fun to give gifts and to get wonderful thank-you cards!

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