Wednesday, August 10, 2011

A peek at my worktable

Well. I'm done cutting all my scraps of felt, and most of them have been turned into parts of future skulls. And after cutting all that yummy felt, it was hard for me not to start sewing, so I gave in. Carefully, with my arm and wrist locked into two braces, making it look like a robot arm, but sewing nonetheless. And this is what has become of it so far. 
I wonder when all these skulls will be done, photographed and posted in the shop... Well, don't hold your breath. Especially, since tomorrow is a special day: my birthday and the first day of a ten-day road trip! Yay.

I loved combining all the different colors of felt, and the different buttons, for the skulls. I spent many hours figuring out all these different combinations. What's your favorite color combo? I can't choose between fuchsia-orange and teal-lime.

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