Friday, January 6, 2012

5 Actually Helpful Tips on Keeping Your Resolutions

You know the deal. Resolutions wear off around the end of February, and by mid-April you're back hustling to the gym in the race to create the perfect bikini body. Over exhaustion and overexertion lead to stress, and the next thing you know, it's New Years again, and you're going through the same battle.
Or maybe it's social media that's eating up your time. Being that it's the crack-cocaine of the internet, you're not alone. Have you resolved to kick your angry birds gaming in bed (when you're supposed to be sleeping)? You're among many.

So, besides sheer will, what's the difference between people who keep their resolutions, and people who fail miserably every year? We don't know all the answers...but we have some tips that may help you out this year.

1.) People who keep resolutions understand that's part of a bigger plan. 
 The folks who keep resolutions are usually the kind that do 3 month plans, 1 year plans and 5 or 10 year plans every year. They can see the big picture, the end results (which usually lead to even bigger results). It's not just about losing 5's about being able to scale a mountain in Colorado, or run a 5K. Yes, that 5 pounds may be the first primary goal, but it's one in a big scheme of super awesome life planning.

2.) Get a buddy. Or a few.
Successful people know the value of relationships. Getting to the gym, or to the art studio, is easier when it's done with others. Creating a team or a partnership is great because because you can make up for one another when one of your is feeling uninspired or like staying in bed. People need people to succeed, in all areas of life.

3.) Hire a Pro. 
It's hard fact that when people spend money on something, particularly something that involves a personal relationship or two, they are more apt to keep that commitment...rather than forget about it.
Think about it..your gym doesn't care if you hit the elliptical every morning, but a personal trainer is extremely invested in you showing up. Getting a yoga instructor or health coach to come to your door is also a way to stay committed: there's nowhere to hide.

4.) Mark it down. 
Simple but true, and you're not allowed to scoff: if it's not on your calendar, it does not exist and it will not happen. Mark it down.

5.) Keep track of your successes. 
 Keeping a running list (where you can see it easily) of all the great results your turning out every day, week, month. Motivation from others is not enough, you need to keep reminding yourself of how your growing. Oftentimes success happens in subtle, small steps- easy to overlook. Make sure your recognizing all you're accomplishing!

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