Tuesday, January 10, 2012

How to Dress for a Winter Wedding

Are you unconventional? Love the frosty weather? We noticed that the brave and bold have winter weddings, as well as people who have previously been married; they're looking for a new experience.

Winter weddings pose some challenges but are well worth the preparation if it's what you want. Here are some tips for a successful, beautiful event.

1.) If you're going for the holiday look, make it tasteful. 
Sanders-Sluter Wedding
1.) Your wedding dress doesn't have to be determined by the weather. 
Just because it's winter doesn't mean you have to chose heavy fabrics like velvet or fur- although they can make a nice accent. In Stacey's wedding shown above, the dress was rich with layers but not anything she couldn't have worn in a Spring or Fall wedding. 

2.) Don't be afraid of the cold! Your outdoor photos will stun.
First step: get a great photographer.
If you're into the gorgeous sweep of snow as your background, we can assure you it will most likely look beautiful. You can go unconventional and wear white (on white) or chose a different route...
winter bride and groom
Green Wedding Shoes


3.) Boleros, overcoats and vests are your friend! 

4.) Mixing color can be dangerous- but if done right, will knock your socks off:Add that to a snowy background and you'll POP.
tips for winter wedding

Top Right: Vera Wang. Top Right: Vera Wang. Top Left: Marry2012

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