Sunday, January 8, 2012

ARTICLES DE PARIS - french dressing chest

craft competition started last week so
I stopped in to see all the project for the week and to cast my vote.
There are 12 compeditors and each week there is a required subject to work with.
The first week brought many projects using graphics from the well known site

It just so happened there was a great lingerie chest revamp that definetly stuck out in the competition.
I love a great furniture redo.
Mean while I had a dresser stuck in the corner of my work room needing a little something special.

Here's what I did to it.

And here's the image I worked with.

After altering the printout into 9 reverse sheets from the computer, trimming it, taping it together and positioning it on the drawers it took an hour and a half to burnish the transfer onto the surface.

Some of the processes I use can be seen here
My hands and arms do get sore because I don’t stop once I start because
I don't want to risk the image shifting.

I had planned to use just the transferred ink image but once the drawers were in the dresser I wanted it finished in brown, so off I went to Michaels to get the pen I needed.
Michaels has an extensive line of Sharpie Markers for all sorts of projects.

I talked about using Sharpies when I first did my TRAVEL CHEST

Once finished I sanded all the drawer faces for an aged look.

Then they get waxed and buffed.

On another note ...

interviewed me last week.
Head on over there to read all about it.

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