Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Hiring Top Talent For Your Event

At DJS, we know talent. Not only is the the DJS Events staff multi-talented in event design, we're also dancers, photographers, artists and writers. This is one of the reasons why our parties are so incredible; we make sure the talent  is amazing. 
Here's a quick list of how to hire the best talent for your event. Whether you're planning your own wedding, dinner party, or  these tips will help get you the absolute best in talent.  

1.) Experience the talent beforehand.   This may seem obvious, but you would not believe how many people hire people just based on recommendation alone. While the talent you want may have been incredible for the last people, it doesn't mean that they're the right choice for you (ie, perhaps they were great at your best friend's Las Vegas themed wedding...but not for your English Garden themed affair.) With performers especially, it's extremely important to see them live before you hire them. This also goes for chef's, restaurants and caterers. Make sure you taste the food before you write the check.

2.) Check out their history. 
Portfolios are a must. Photographers, Stationary Artists (Calligraphers), Speech Writers- no matter who you're hiring for your event, they must have a history to show you. How long have they been in business? What are their credentials? How much experience do they have? Again, this may seem obvious, but many people forget or are a little too trusting choosing their talent.

3.) Get Recommendations & Testimonials.
Nothing is better than hearing other people's experience with talent. Of course, you're most likely going to be given the contact information of people who enjoyed the talent's service, which makes the recommendation not the primary way to find out the scoop on how great they are. Try to get a recommendation from someone you trust.

DJS Events is the premier event planning firm for the NYC tri-state area. Check out our gorgeous portfolio here and fan us on facebook. We'll take your vision and make it reality!

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