Wednesday, November 2, 2011

SIMPLY FOLD IT UP - black folding pine table

This table top has the neat ability to fold vertically.

The center of the base pivots to hold the top up or to let it fold down.
This would be great for a small space such as an apartment or loft space,
and when it is folded it is easy for one person to lift and move. 

 I was also thinking it may help prevent that re occurring issue of the kitchen table being
the catch all place for everything in the house but I know not many of us have that problem,

Here is the table before,

and here is the nasty, beaten up top, with peeling clear coat and deep grooves
to catch all sorts of food stuff in.
And yes there was plenty I chiseled out.

For this guy I actually painted the entire table black but only kept it solid on the base.
See above all the blackened scars in the surface.
I achieved this by hand sanding the black paint down exposing all the filled in ruts
and smoothing out the soft pine.

I then filled the grooves to prevent dirt build up in them before
rubbing 3 coats of wax into the wood.

It really is so gorgeous now and super smooth.

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