Wednesday, December 7, 2011

5 Gifts To Buy For People You Don't Know Well

Acquaintance: Someone you know and perhaps like, but not to a point of being able to call them a friend. You may have met them once or a handful of times, and it's likely that you have mutual friends. It's also possible that you work with this person but have not established a rapport just yet.
When you're in networking, it's likely you have many, many acquaintances. And, if you're like us and wish to spread the Christmas cheer, you'll probably end up buying a little something for most everyone you know. The way we usually go about it is to be generally perceptive and notice: what that person wears, what they talk about, what they drink and eat; and then go from there.

Crystal Collars Swarovski Colored Swarovski Lime Green
Swarovski Crystal Collar
 For example, if Linda, the woman you met at a fundraiser luncheon who works with your niece and has since recommended your business to 2 people (because she's a nice person and a good networker) is going to be at the next Christmas party you attend, you most likely want to get her something. This is what you've noticed about Linda: She seems fond of the color green, she can't stand seafood and she showed you a photo of her poodle, "Flops," on her Blackberry the last time you saw her. What would be best to get Linda? Maybe an emerald green leash and collar from a boutique pet store or even a gift certificate.
It's all about noticing the details.
However, if you're not a details person then you'll need a Go To List. Let's get going, because Christmas is right around the corner! Click on the link for details/to buy.

1.) A Coffee Table Book: Vanity Fair for those who love iconic people, New York for an enthusiast.
Vanity Fair: The Portraits: A Century of Iconic ImagesNew York: Portrait Of A City

Louis Vuitton for fashion & art fanatics and National Geographic for all those globetrotters
Louis Vuitton: Art, Fashion and ArchitectureNational Geographic: The Photographs (National Geographic Collectors Series)

2.)A classy portfolio. Everyone needs one at some point in their life, even for the stay at home mom who goes to PTA meetings. From the Freshman in college to the Corporate Exec, you can't go wrong.
For the Freshman...              To the corporate exec...
If you don't wish to spend over a hundred, there are many other portfolios over here. 

3.) A pair of durable, middle to high end ear buds. Everyone uses them and most people don't bother to buy a nice brand. The ones featured are water proof.

4.) A "brew and go" commuter mug or a water bottle with it's own filter: because everyone can use one or the other and nobody ever splurges on the specialty versions.
Your best bet: CamelBack or Bodum 

5.) Personalized Notecards: Or not personalized. Everyone can use a set of blank notecards. Our favorites are from Papyrus.

Blue Damask Note Gift Box with PenFRINGE Live Nobly Note Card PortfolioCrane & Co. Hand Engraved Pineapple Notes

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