Thursday, December 1, 2011

My first craft fair!

Today was the big day. Early this morning Yasu and I, each carrying two huge bags, found our way to his campus with public transportation during rush hour! We were so happy hundreds of stuffed animals and a dozen of baskets don't weigh a lot. And after about an hour of setting up those bags filled to the brim with eleventh monkey stuff turned into the eleventh monkey booth!!
I've been so excited these last two weeks preparing for this event, and I was even more excited to see it come together like it did today! I love the little Christmas trees covered in tiny owl ornaments, the huge vinyl logo banner, and all the baskets filled with neatly packaged products! 

As a little girl I always loved playing shop and now I got to do it for real, with real customers!
It was really satisfying to hear so much positive feedback from so many people, it was fun to answer questions about my shop name, my production process and what inspires me and it felt fantastic to sell so many creatures! This day over-exceeded my expectations! And the best thing is that I get to do all of it again tomorrow!

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