Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Lighting Update

Ok, my next shipment of custom Hampton's lights are on their way. They are floating in a container somewhere, due to arrive within the next week or so. Murphy's Law that they are late this time around when so many of you have your electricians poised waiting to install them. I am trying not to bite my nails. I will email you all as soon as they hit our shores.

Chairs: the latest shipment of those gorgeous Villa Maison Vintage Rattan chairs (pictured) has arrived but has all sold out... except for 4. That's 4 left in the whole of Australia. And I have them reserved until the end of TODAY. If you wish them to be yours, email me QUICK! The next shipment is not due, in at Villa Maison, until 1st December!!! Talk about a Vintage Rattan Bar Stool Drought! What are we going to do for 6 months?

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