Tuesday, July 26, 2011

STRIPPING - gold marble cabinet

I found this little chest at Value Village 5 months ago.

It was ugly covered in some reddy brown paint, no handles,
and chewed knuckles on the legs.

 It was also extremely over priced at $75,
as it is not really a vintage piece or an antique.
But I loved the shape and size.

But as you guessed I bought it anyway.

I couldn't sand it because all the details are pressed into the light weight
balsa type wood.

$12 worth of stripper, another $36 worth of acetone, and days of work

this is what I started to find underneath.
White & Gold & Green & Wood

I added 4 true vintage glass knobs, something my mother has been
holding onto for many years.

Because of my love for this piece,
because of the cost of this piece,
because of the labour I poured into this piece,


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