Wednesday, July 27, 2011

TO SPRAY OR NOT TO SPRAY - paint sprayer info

I do not have a dedicated spray booth, area, or room, all I have is the great out doors.

I use an inexpensive compressor purchased at Princess Auto for approx. $90 several yrs ago.
This one was original used with my driftwood furniture. At the $90 price tag if it stops working
I can replace it easily. It takes no oil either, extra bonus.
my compressor finally went and I picked up a new one from Canadian Tire for $200
twice the capacity.

I hook it up to my

a gravity fed spray gun

made by Campell Hausfeld

When spraying out doors there are pros & cons:

your paint or primer drys quickly - GOOD
bugs are attracted to and land in your paint or primer - BAD
need sun glass when using white paint or primer - BAD
no threat of rain - GOOD
extra sweat factor - BAD

no bugs - GOOD
less snowblindess - GOOD
some threat of rain - BAD
paint and primer dry at a regular rate - FINE
temperature is moderate for working in - GOOD

I love to brush paint furniture
but there are times when spraying is the easiest or obvious choice
for me to make.

For example I do not want to brush paint spindles and chairs anymore.

Or if I have a lot of pieces to get thru in a short period of time
I will use my sprayer.

I use all water base products in my sprayer.
I mix paint and water in a large glass measuring cup (pyrex) before pouring it thru the strainer.
As for the constancy I do it by eye,
you want to add small amounts of water slowly,
be careful you don’t want it too runny like milk.
  Do it in small amounts and you’ll get the hang of it.
You can always add more paint to thicken it up again.
I hope this answers some of your questions for now.
Feel free to ask more if you have them.

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