Sunday, July 24, 2011

Woof!! Trends in Dog Friendly Venues and Vacations

Here at DJS Events, we LOVE our dogs. Dawn's poodle, chihuahua and mini pinscher all have their own matching black and white beds in the office, complete with water bowls and toys. We love accommodating and including our furry friends as much as possible, and when we get a client who wants a pet friendly affair,we nearly do somersaults! Picnics, festivals, carnivals, up-scale barbecues, polo matches and pool parties all lend themselves to being pet-eriffic, but what about indoor and destination affairs..especially those that take place in hotels?

Above: Founder and President Dawn Strain at the 2011 LIE Masquerade with Piper, a sassy and sweet chihuahua she adopted that was rescued from a kill-shelter.

As you might already know, dog lovers and animal enthusiasts have got it good right now compared to every other decade. With the advent of dog-friendly culture that started at Lassie and continued on with dogs becoming accessories ala Paris Hilton and Reese Witherspoon's character Elle in Legally Blonde, pooches at parties is no longer strange.

Ooohhh and let's not forget all the current superstars and their pooches...

How cute is that little guy???

Guess what Snoopy lovers! Even if you aren't a star or an heiress, there are plenty of places where you can bring your pup, and now there are some up and coming trends for those of us who like to travel with our canine companions!

Trend #1: Chow Hound

We've hear of some enthusiasts setting a place for their dog at the dinner table...which may be a little extreme depending on what side of the fence you're on! Either way, it certainly wouldn't be allowed in a public restaurant! Still, what if you still want to bring your pet to dinner? Or what if you're on the move and need a bite...leaving Bingo in the car is out of the question. Now with, you can find the places in your neighborhood that will allow Fido to come along with instead of being sad and lonely at home.
The site covers Cali, New York, Arizona, Illinois and Florida for all the best doggie-friendly spots. This is the site you're going to be checking out if you have an animal lover event, or just an event that you don't want to celebrate without your fave ball o' fur.

Trend #2: Luxury Doggie Hotels

Ok, so we're aware that dog-friendly hotels aren't an "up and coming trend", but what about hotels JUST for your pooch? It's worth mentioning that there are some hotels out there that are totally devoted to you as the primary guest + your pooch, or cushy kennels that dogs can chillax at while you go on vacation. The trend of hotels JUST for dogs..that's a horse of a different color. The Sniff Dog Hotel is one of these fabulous, dog only hotels, for when you travel out to Portland (maybe not the most exciting of destinations, unless you're all about fresh farm to table dining and microbreweries, but still!). Sniff offers daycare, salon & spa treatments and a fido-friendly cafe where dogs have the run of a 2,000 square feet park while you eat, drink and be merry.

Trend #3: Travel Agencies...for you and Fido
This one is most likely a first...a travel agency strictly devoted to finding accommodations for you and your pet. Travel itineraries that include the finest dog-friendly hotels await you with Chien Blue, the UK based travel agency devoted to hooking you up with dog-loving, not just "dog-tolerant" accommodations and itineraries. Planning a trip to Europe and don't want to do the work? It's worth a look...
PawPaws Dog Hotel Opens In Sydney

This is Dawn, our President and Founder of DJS, hanging out with some dogs she's helping to helicopter to new homes. The dogs are rescued from kill-shelters where they would be put down if there wasn't a network of people to help save them. Every animal matters!

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