Monday, February 13, 2012

NEW USE FOR OLD LATTICE - weathered wood cabinet

Another cabinet finished and ready for a new home.

 I have had this little three drawer dresser for a very long time.
It has been the only piece of furniture that was shallow enough to fit
behind the front door but I wanted more storage above.
So I bought this sheving unit and cut the top portion off to add to the dresser.

It served it's purpose but I always swore as soon as I found something better to take
it's place I would sell it.
Well as of last week I found the better piece.

Confused yet?
The story doesn't quite end there but for now
I'll just get back to the pretty pictures of the newly finished cabinet.

These appliques were something I added long ago,
and if you would like to achieve this kind of look I've wrote an article you can find here.

The material I used for the shelf backing looks even better in person.
I took and old lattice panel, pulled it apart, removed the staples, and cut each one to fit.

I chose simple but not boring handles so they wouldn't upstage the appliques.

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