Monday, February 27, 2012

Spring Fashion Accessory Must-Haves

 Juicy Couture Watermelon Wish Studs
Spring is right around the corner- is your wardrobe prepared? We're looking ahead at some of the hottest fashions, a'la Fashion Week and all the

fashion inspiration off-shoots! Check it out...
Watermelon Pave Wish Studs from Juicy Couture. These sweet studs are gold plated scalloped in 22 sparkling crystals. Check them out here.
 This beautiful handbag, also by Juicy Couture, comes in three colors. The canvas mixed with big luxurious bows hearkens the image of luxe picnics in English Gardens or days spent on yachts.

Hot Shades: Marc Jacobs showed off some snazzy sunglasses in his Spring 2012 collection. Color blocking and square frames abounded.  Also featured in the same collection was color-blocked clutches. Super hot.

Hats and earrings are ALL the rage right now, returning with avengence. We haven't seen much of either in past years, but they are all over right now.

                                                                         Lady-like pastels and transparent pieces are coming on strong this season: 
                                                                   Source: Vogue

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