Monday, February 27, 2012

THIS IS WHAT YOU GET - heather's cabinet

Dear Heather,

This is what happens when you trust me with your furniture.

Heather found a tall primitive yellow kitchen cupboard on a road trip,
obviously liked it and decided to bring it home.
Then sweet talked George to get me to do a makeover on it.

Heather and George have known each other for some time,
and she is also a proud owner of another one of my original pieces.
The cabinet was a 1 piece unit to start but to start I cut it into 2.

The cupboard is 84.5" tall so tall the top shelf is almost unusable on a regular basis.
I decided to take inspiration from a friend's kitchen cabinets and make the top shelf
simple open display.

Some damage had occurred to the back panels during the trip home so those were replaced.
Then I lined the interior of the upper storage shelves and that back with a fun wallpaper.

This area by far has received the most work.
This back section was also completely replaced and the
side panels are covering up what use to be there.
All quarter inch dark stained oak panels painted in old white.
Once distressed the panel strips and dark stain are emphasized perfectly.

I transfered a few fun graphics to the new bottom doors (made to look like old fashioned store bins)

I lined the lower cupboard shelves with the same wallpaper as the upper,
however I had to cut and install hardboard liners for the shelves first
due to the rough uneven surfaces of the old boards.

The before pictures are coming ...
just to prove there was a significant change.

This project has taken me almost a full week,
longer than I had thought but I am very happy with the results.

I had considered working with the arborite but quickly learned it was worn out and brittle.
Needless to say removing it or covering it up was a full day in its self and a dirty process.

Heather will be seeing her cabinet for the first time as she reads this.

What do you think, can I be trusted?

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