Monday, January 31, 2011

Penguin waddles

A small riot took place on my kitchen table this morning. A group of penguins was angrily waddling around the table begging for my attention. They complained that almost all my attention this month had gone to the newly arrived rabbit family, which made the penguins feel very neglected and ordinary.

They were right, they arrived before the rabbits but I still hadn't given them a special place in my store, I had forgotten all about them. Shame on me. But I do adore my sweet family of penguins, so to show them how special and unique I think they are, I'm devoting this post to them. I hope this makes up for abandoning them, at least a little...

Meet the gorgeous and glamorous family of penguins: Obie, Sam, Cleo, Reed and Lola. Please visit them and give them a hug, that'll make them feel so much better. Sometimes I just get so busy that I forget that my little creatures have feelings too and they all need to feel cherished. 

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