Tuesday, January 11, 2011

ROADSIDE UFO - chandelier makeover

During the holidays I put the word out we were looking for a chandelier to revamp.
We received word quickly about someone who had put a couple light fixtures
at roadside about 8 minutes away. So I hoped in my ride and stopped by
the address on the way to the mall. I had no idea even what I had picked up other
then the dozen or so balls surrounding the top, threw it in the car and on my way
to finish some christmas shopping. Once I got to the mall parking lot from the front
seat I took my blackberry and snapped 2 photos to send to hubby at work.
Not until I tipped it up did I see all the glamour on the bottom, 3 times
as much as I thought. Turned out to be 75 in total.

I dismantled it, washed everything, rebuilt it with a few parts left behind,
painted the metal silver (spraypaint from the cupboard),
rewired it then added this drum shade ($12.99),
and installed it in our new dressing room.

I've joined the party at:

Funky Junk's Saturday Nite Special


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