Thursday, May 26, 2011

ASS OVER TEA KETTLE - union jack

We are well known for our rain here on the west coast. It usually
 rains for a long time but it's relatively light compared to other
 places. Last night was a different story. All of a sudden it poured
 like a mid summer Florida storm. I in the mean time was worried
 about some items outside so I went to the top of the deck stairs and
 started down. Well I made it to the bottom however I was no
 longer on my feet. Yes I took a fall the moment my runner stepped
 on the wet stair. My hip landed on the ground, but my rib and wrist
 hit the concrete.
Well he came and got me back in the house and I was banished to
 the bed for the rest of the night with ice.
My hip is bruised, thank god for that extra cheese cake,
 my rib feels fine but my wrist is sore.
So today I had to come up with light duty work.

I also couldn't do my regular job because my PC is gone to Future Shop
to be scolded and straightened out, so here I sit getting familiar with George's PC.

So today I decided to sit still, let my wrist heal and be a creative painter.

It's a beautiful serpentine dresser call *JACK*.
He's not done but I am for the night.

I also manage to finish a pair of wooden pillar candle holders made in India.
I got them at a yard sale recently to paint and distressed. The
plan is to take them to the community show next week but you'll
 have to wait and see if I can give them up.

Here are the close ups of the accents I promised the other day
on the lingerie chest I finished. Let me know what you think.

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