Friday, May 13, 2011

DJS Events at the Hampton Bridal Show

DJS Events took our event expertise all the way out east to the Hamptons, where we displayed our staging savvy at the Hampton Bridal show last weekend! Just because it's called a booth doesn't mean you have to treat it as such...and besides, DJS Events is always thinking out of the box and does everything in style!

Our signature black and white look was presented with just the right accents, incorporating reds, touches of green and warm candle lighting (don't worry, they were battery powered).
It was a fabulous day of meeting all kinds of brides interested in getting ideas and inspiration for their weddings. We loved meeting the fashion forward brides as well as the conservative ones.
Even if a bride is traditional and wants that reflected in her special day, DJS can deliver in way that says classic and not cookie cutter, with distinctive, defining details that make all the difference. And if a bride wants a stand out wedding with bold statements and avant garde elements, well, that's one of our favorite kinds of events to produce. No matter what, a DJS wedding is one in which the couple's personalities and the love they share is reflected in every little detail.

What goes into planning and managing an event? Besides years of experience, massive organizational skills, a superior network of talented experts (everything from bakers to dress designers) and an unending desire to make clients happy, there's one more thing that makes an event planner a cut above the rest: Creativity.
Events Planners are artists in their own right. Dawn Strain, owner and President was awarded talent based scholarships at the highly acclaimed School of Visual Arts in NYC, switching over from a passionate dancing career track to photography. Then there's real world experience... fashion, hospitality, catering, an understanding of fine wine and dining, travel and even interpersonal dyanimcs (the kind of thing that always helps with seating charts) that get brought into the mix of planning the perfect event. Janese Shepmoes, Executive Event Assistant, has a whole host of experience that helped bring forth the lovely display at Hampton Bridal show, including creating numerous events and extensive experience in the hospitality industry.

All in all, it was a successful day. Interested in a DJS wedding? Check out our portfolio here.

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