Sunday, May 15, 2011


These are some great examples of the statement
the right hardware can make.


Look at the selection of hardware I found at the Hobby Lobby.
If I stamp my feet long enough do you think we could get one here in BC?

Here are just 2 drawers of furniture knobs
and handles I've hoarded over time.

This photo was taken at a Flea market in Florida.
All this lady sold was vintage hardware ..... bestill my heart.

The rustic appeal these large handles added to
this red dresser couldn't be imagined any other way.

This yellow dresser wouldn't be so happy with out
the brilliant punch the french white hardware adds. 

The correct vintage feel was found when these
pulls were added to this aqua wash stand.

A reminder of heavy brass fittings on grand ocean liners
of the past made the travel theme of this dresser complete.

What are they called? 

Bail Pull

Bin Pull

Bow Handle

Drop Pull

Oval Plate Pull

Ring Pull

A great place to find reproduction hardware here in BC is
You can shop on line or in store.

*** Interested in finding sources for the inspiration photos used in this post,
right click the photo and in google image search use the file name listed under properties to search each pic.

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