Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Sew Indy

1. Could you tell us a bit about yourself?
I am from a small town outside of Rocky Mountain House in Alberta, Canada!! And I live their with my fiance Trevor, and our little pup Coco. I am 22 years old, and I {love} to sew! If I'm not sewing you can find me snowboarding, playing baseball, camping, hiking, and biking. I like to drink pom mojitos, and any kind of white wine... NOT RED, yuck! I don't like cupcakes, not even a little bit, so don't buy me any! And right now the only song that plays from my iPod has to be by Rihanna.
2. What do you make and how did you get into this?
I make an assortment of handmade goodies... cappuccino cozies...
Crayon cozies...
Quilts... blankies... quilted coasters with matching stay put towels...
And my latest Indy Earrings!!
I can't even remember how I got into making my handmade goodies... I think I was surfing the web one day and came across The Pleated Poppy website, and then the Gussy Sews website, and the ball just started rolling from there... I thought to myself, "hey! I can do that too!"

3. Why did you name your shop Sew Indy?
I named my shop Sew Indy for my love of sewing and skateboarding/snowboarding. It started out as Indy Isis Designs... but I kept thinking people would have no idea what kind of business that would be. I wanted people to know that snowboarders could be sewists too! It's not just something little grannies do... there are sooo many young people who make a living selling their sewing, knitting, and crochet goodies!

4. Where and when do you like to create?
I create whenever I can, wherever I can. I am fortunate enough to have my very own sewing room, and a hubs that doesn't seem to mind how messy it can get at times {I love you Trevor}. Sew Indy isn't my only job though, I also have a full time office job which at times can get in the way of my creativeness but at the moment it hasn't been too challenging. I'm either creating late into the night or early in the morning... And I do most of my social media work through out the day.
5. Who inspires you?
All the girls {and guys} who were in my Indie Biz class inspire me! I can't wait to see where everyone is with their business in the next few years and I hope to keep in touch with lots of people. Everyone was so helpful and encouraging!

6. What’s the best thing you’ve made so far?
The best thing I have made so far would have to be my first quilt... I just love all the color combinations, the fabric, and how it looks vintage. I'm not sure if I even want to sell it, I might keep it as a keepsake, or for my future child.
7. When you create what do you like to drink, snack on, listen to, or watch?
I like to drink beer when I create...HAHA jk! I usually drink coffee, or good ol' H2O... I like to keep hydrated and have a water bottle with me because sometimes I get carried away and can spend hours sewing and not even think to eat or drink.

8. What skill would you love to learn and who would you like to be your teacher?
I would like to go to snowboard camp one day, MGT (More Good Times) Snowboard Camp to be exact! And learn how to do some sweet rail tricks from Leanne Pelosi or Tara Dakides. I was going to go this year but I had an unfortunate snowboard accident that scared me pretty good and chickened out and never signed up :(.

9. What are you working on now and what are your goals for the future?
Right now, I'm working on getting stocked piled so I can go and sell at a Farmers Market or Craft Show. I also launched my Etsy shop on April 11th for our Indie Biz Class Launch Day, and I'm working on making my first sale, and networking. My goals for the future include making Sew Indy a full time job, attending at least 3 Farmers Markets, and having some work done {on my blog of course}.

10. What are your five favorite websites?
Gussy Sews: I love Maggie's blogging style and her bags they are too cool. I just ordered her Daniella bag for my sister, and it comes with a clutch that I'm going to give to my mom!

The Pleated Poppy: Lindsey also has a really great blog style. She includes personal and business posts, and she lets us see her sewing studio which I think is soo pretty! Oh and she loves mason jars too, just like me.

Lisa Leonard: I love Lisa's jewelry, she takes amazing pictures, and she just seems like such a great person.

Facebook: Duh it's facebook what's not to like... all your friends are there!

Blogger: I just really enjoy blogging, and reading others blogs!

11. Where can we find you online?

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