Monday, September 26, 2011


While meandering the pathways and enjoying our day at the Fieldstone Market
these cute little arrangements caught my eye.

The creator of these little gems Julie of Sweet Nothings
explained the tea cup arrangements were in floral foam and guaranteed to last for
minimum a week and hopefully longer.

George and Julie started talking flowers (business)
while I was busy trying to decide which ones I was going to get.

The arrangement I picked got comments all around the market as we kept shopping.

and I would direct them straight back to Julie's booth.

These delightful orange rose arrangements would have been my first choice,
but I didn't see these at first but at least glad I got a photo of them. 

I think my first choice ended up working out perfectly.

For those looking for new furniture pieces
I do have a Vilas small space table and single white night stand
newly listed on the AVAILABLE page

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