Monday, September 12, 2011

MORE FURNITURE 4 SIS - regency dining table


There was nothing really nasty about the regnecy table we found a few weeks back,
so no before photo was taken.


I did have to glue and clamp some parts of the base that had loosened over time,

and replace some of the nails holding the decorative metal claw feet in place.

The table top was almost void of the original finish so hand sanding just took time. 

I restained the top and both pedestals with my new favorite stain, Varathane's KONA.

This color called KONA is so rich and dark looking I can't get enough of it.

Several coats of wipe on poly were applied before a final waxing to soften the feel.


I thought I would share a pic of some crazy little worker bees I had visit me yesterday.

The workshop we had here yesterday was soooo much fun and the diversity of ladies made
conversation amazing.
I know everyone wants to see what they worked on and hear them dish all about me
but I have to get some things finished and sort out pics first. 


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